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"I started out thinking I would do Postmates part-time, in between jobs, but I fell in love with Postmates. The first thing I did was upgrade my bike. Now I keep switching out new parts, feels like a video game. I'm addicted to it."

Chris Hicks, 1,401 deliveries

"Postmates has given me the opportunity to work while going to school. The flexibility makes this possible - I set my own schedule. Also, it's made me recognize how beautiful San Francisco is! I love riding through all of the different neighborhoods."

MeiSin Yan, 750 deliveries

"What I love about working for Postmates is that I get to spend my day outside, riding my bike, and getting to know the city. When I first started I did not know where Pacific Heights was and now I ride over it two or three times a day!"

Justin Rhine, 1,400 deliveries

How It Works

Everyone's Favorite Delivery Service

A Postmate is like a friend who can stop by a restaurant or store and pick up anything you need. Customers use the Postmates app to place a delivery order from any restaurant or store in the city. They are then matched with a Postmates courier, who heads to the restaurant or store, makes the purchase, and then delivers the food or goods. All in less than an hour.


To be a Postmate you must take pride in delivering exceptional customer service. There are a few other basic requirements - you must be over 18; own a bike, car, truck, scooter or motorcycle; and have an upbeat and positive attitude. iPhone ownership preferred, but not required (you can lease one from us).


Postmates receive the majority of the delivery fee, plus 100% of the tip. What does that really mean? Experienced Postmates make up to $20/hr on weekdays and $30/hr on weekends. Earnings are deposited weekly.


Choose your own hours! Ride or drive for Postmates whenever you'd like. Plus, once you join you’re welcome to work in any of our markets - San Francisco, New York City, DC, Chicago and Seattle (many more coming soon).

Sounds Great! What's Next?

Have a bike, car, truck, scooter or motorcycle? Apply today!

  1. 1. Apply online

  2. 2. Attend a 30-min orientation

  3. 3. Complete a background check & equipment review

  4. 4. Attend an onboarding session