Ride or Drive with Postmates

Earn up to $25+/hour on your own schedule!

Learn About Our Community

"I started out thinking I would do Postmates part-time, in between jobs, but I fell in love with Postmates. The first thing I did was upgrade my bike. Now I keep switching out new parts, feels like a video game. I'm addicted to it."

Chris Hicks, 1,401 deliveries

"Postmates has given me the opportunity to work while going to school. The flexibility makes this possible - I set my own schedule. Also, it's made me recognize how beautiful San Francisco is! I love riding through all of the different neighborhoods."

MeiSin Yan, 750 deliveries

"What I love about working for Postmates is that I get to spend my day outside, riding my bike, and getting to know the city. When I first started I did not know where Pacific Heights was and now I ride over it two or three times a day!"

Justin Rhine, 1,400 deliveries

How It Works

Everyone's Favorite Delivery Service

A Postmate is like a friend who can stop by a restaurant or store and pick up anything you need. Customers use the Postmates app to place a delivery order from any restaurant or store in the city. They are then matched with a Postmates courier, who heads to the restaurant or store, makes the purchase, and then delivers the food or goods. All in less than an hour.


To be a Postmate you must take pride in delivering exceptional customer service. There are a few other basic requirements - you must be over 18; own a bike, car, truck, scooter or motorcycle; have a valid driver's license; and have an upbeat and positive attitude.


Postmates receive the majority of the delivery fee, plus 100% of the tip. What does that really mean? Postmates make up to $25/hr. Earnings are deposited weekly.


Choose your own hours! Ride or drive for Postmates whenever you'd like. Plus, once you join you’re welcome to work in any of our markets - San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay), Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Austin, Washington D.C., Miami, Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, Virginia Beach, Long Beach and Sacramento. Keep checking back; we're expanding to new cities all the time!

Who Might Apply?

Postmates are friendly members of your community, and come from all walks of life! Some are local parents or college students looking to have fun and earn spending money in their free time. Other applicants come from backgrounds like delivery driver (CDL/Fedex/UPS/truck driver), bike courier, Uber driver, Lyft driver, Instacart shopper, Caviar courier, Sidecar driver, and Grubhub Seamless delivery person. Other Postmates were warehouse and shipping managers, retail associates, or limo drivers. Anyone with a vehicle and a customer-service mentality can get in on the action!

Sounds Great! What's Next?

Have a bike, car, truck, scooter or motorcycle? Apply today!

  1. 1. Apply online

  2. 2. Attend an onboarding session

  3. 3. Complete a background check