A note from our CEO: Time to stand up

June 1, 2020

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A note from our CEO: Time to stand up

On Friday our CEO, Bastian Lehmann, made clear the need for action in this country falls on each of us. But as this weekend demonstrated: we can’t wait any longer. Postmates salutes anyone who peacefully protests, marches, or calls for justice in America. Be safe, but be heard.

Team Postmates,

I want to address something that’s been weighing on our hearts and minds this week: the preventable, killing of yet another unarmed Black man, George Floyd. The legacy of unequal treatment falls on all of us. But together there are steps we can take to bend an arc towards progress.

I know I write this as a white man. But this tragic episode — and so many that have come before it — are painful reminders that no matter your race, color, or creed, brutality in our communities is unacceptable, counter to everything Postmates stands for, and demands fair & independent justice. Parents should not continue to cry. Journalists should not get arrested for doing their jobs. And racial divisions should never be stoked for political gain.

And yet I write this not to be political. But instead, to remind each of us that encouraging trust, safety and equality in our communities remains an unshakeable Postmates value and remains embedded in our work, no matter your team. And promoting those values starts with each of us looking out for one another in our neighborhoods.

Our platform only thrives if all persons — from our merchant partners, to our fleet members, to our customers — feel safe in the neighborhoods in which they work and live. It’s why we’ve called for common sense gun reform; worked with the National Center for Victims of Crime, and stood against bigotry. It’s why our background checking system balances safety with opportunity. And it’s why we continue to work with our friends and partners at organizations like the ACLU to find the best ways to contribute to this issue.

And if like me, you are looking for a way to add your voice in the effort to ensure justice prevails:

Of course, this note is not enough to ease the pain many of us are feeling, but it’s important to talk about these matters openly. While we must remember Trayvon, Ferguson, and Amaud Arbery — we can also honor them by running for something, standing for each other, and marching for memory. Postmates will continue to remain focused on doing what we can to make our communities feel safe and supported. If you’d like somebody to talk to about this, please consider taking advantage of online mental health resources through our partnership with Modern Health. But whether you have a perspective on this or not — a national discussion begins when each of us play a small part in the healing.



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