Artists Show Love for Black-Owned Restaurants

We’ve teamed up with our favorite artists, actresses, and comedians to shine a light on their favorite Black-owned restaurants from their…

Artists Show Love for Black-Owned Restaurants

We’ve teamed up with our favorite artists, actresses, and comedians to shine a light on their favorite Black-owned restaurants from their hometown.

Whether you crave wings and crab claws like T-Pain or savory Caribbean food like Swae Lee, check out the list below and order from our Black-Owned Restaurants collection to show some love to a local business near you.

Mel’s Fish Shack

When you’re craving fish filets, fries, and a whole bunch of jumbo shrimp, you’re going to love the food at Tiffany Haddish’s favorite Black-owned restaurant: Mel’s Fish Shack.

“I’ve been going to Mel’s since I was a baby. My siblings and I would play the PacMan table game they had. Everyone was so friendly and supportive of my comedy at the restaurant.” — Tiffany Haddish

Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe

If you’re in Atlanta — and listening to T-Pain’s new single ‘Get Up’ — then eat like the artist himself and try the fresh, Caribbean flavor at one of his favorites: Chef Rob’s.

“Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe in Atlanta is mega fire. If I’m trying to be healthy, then I go with the Atlantic Salmon and a Ceasar Salad. If I’m not, then give me some wings, Crab Claws, and some Mango Chicken. There is nothing like having your food while you’re in front of the TV watching one of your shows.” — T-Pain

My Two Cents

This staple serves southern soul food to the folks around Pico-Roberston and has forever earned its place in the heart of Gabrielle Union.

“We had My Two Cents cater our end-of-summer party and all everyone talked about was the food. Folks were going back two to three times with heaps of food on their plate. Only time I’ve thrown a party where people fell asleep because they were so stuffed. Now that’s some bomb ass food!” — Gabrielle Union

Hilltop Coffee Shop

If you’ve got a day ahead of you, for work or fun, Terrence J. wants you to know that the Hilltop should be your first stop.

“Hilltop is one of my favorite spots in the city. It’s so authentically South LA and owned by locals, including my dear friend Issa Rae. Ajay and Yonnie always take care of me and the Bangin’ Breakfast Sandwich really lives up to its name. A must visit!” — Terrence J.

Simply Wholesome

More than a restaurant, this long-time staple on Slauson seems more like a community center that brings people from all over LA. For Jhenè Aiko, it’s got as much nostalgia factor as it does delicious food.

“The house I grew up in was on the street right behind Simply Wholesome. In the 6th grade, my bus stop was right in front of their stairs on Slauson. I used to skip lunch some days and save my lunch money so that I could get a smoothie and a patty after school instead.” — Jhenè Aiko

Papa Turney’s Old Fashion BBQ

Papa Turney has been more than a restaurant owner and chef, he’s been a true community leader — especially for the kids. Don’t be bashful, order Papa Turney’s in Nashville.

“The owner, Papa Turney, is a great man. He’s a fishing master and so many of us look up to him as a father figure. He’s a staple in our area and we love his cooking.” — Jimmie Allen

JamaFo Jamaican Food Express

East Coast transplants and locals alike will love the authentic Jamaican food at JamaFo.

“It’s a Caribbean restaurant in LA. Close to my house, we order it almost every day! Go-to order is the oxtail box combo. Comes with oxtails, brown rice, and plantains. Hits the spot every time.” — Swae Lee

Greedi Vegan

There’s no law that says you can’t eat vegan food everyday if you’re not a vegan — which will be good news once you’ve had a bute of the soul food inspired, plant-based dishes at Greedi Vegan.

“I visit Greedi-Vegan a couple of times a week for lunch. I usually get the Greedi-Soul bowl with the fried Mushrooms or Spinach Avo Salad. I’ve grown to love Greedi-Vegan because it’s completely changed my view of Vegan cuisine. Food is our fuel, and I love that she dedicated to providing clean and healthy fuel for the community.” — Nigel Sylvester

Peppa Flame Restaurant and Lounge

If you haven’t tried Peppa Flame in Baltimore, Chino Braxton’s recommendation is going to change your life.

“ My go-to at Peppa Flame is the seafood rice. I found out about it through a friend who kept posting this rice with a bunch of seafood in it. I found it while in quarantine and it was, like, one of the only places open at the time so I kept ordering it a couple of times a week since then.” — Chino Braxton

Hammond’s Bakery

To the people of Ft. Lauderdale and North Miami, listen up! Hammond’s Bakery is a must-try spot if you love Jamaican food (you should, it’s delicious).

“I usually go with the Curry Chicken with rice and peas and extra plantains. You gotta ask for extra cause most Jamaican spots only give you one or two but the food there is really good.” — Denzel Curry

Slutty Vegan

Order Teyana Taylor’s favorites like wings and pizza from this Atlanta hot spot that’s making history, and herstory, with vibrant, plant-based soul food you’ll fall in love with.

Now it’s your turn.

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