Building a Stronger, Diversified, and Talented California

Vote YES on Prop 16 .

Last week, Postmates joined over 35 leading San Francisco businesses to endorse Proposition 16, a ballot initiative in California that would repeal the state’s ban on affirmative action. We signed onto a letter of support from the SF Chamber of Commerce to make clear that the business community wants Californians to vote YES in support of Prop 16 so that companies throughout the state can build stronger, more diverse workforces and ensure the state’s continued success for years to come. 

Postmates released the following statement regarding our endorsement:

“At Postmates, diversity and inclusion are core values that inform so much of what we do, and this summer we made clear that we believe everyone has a role to play in dismantling systems that perpetuate racial injustice. That’s why we are strongly endorsing Proposition 16 and encouraging California voters to vote YES in support of ending the ban on affirmative action. 

“This November, California has an opportunity to ensure real progress is made towards racial equity by removing barriers facing communities of color and leveling the playing field so that opportunities for receiving a quality education and securing high-paying jobs are more equitably shared across communities. As members of the business community, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that we are building a more inclusive economy. That’s something we believe the future of our business, and of California’s position as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, depends on. We are proud to stand with the 35 other companies that have signed onto the SF Chamber letter in support of Prop 16, and we hope more will join us. We have just 15 days until the election, and we urge anyone who believes in fighting against racial injustice to come forward in support of this all-too-important opportunity for California to get back on track and invest in its future.”