Calling all College Students — Become a Postmates Munchies Requisition Officer

January 31, 2018

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Calling all College Students — Become a Postmates Munchies Requisition Officer

Are you a college student? Then chances are you like it when other people still pay for your food. But how about having that food delivered whenever you want, wherever you want it? Apply to be a Postmates Munchies Requisition Officer and get free Postmates all semester long for you and your friends. That means you’ll be able to order an endless amount of burritos to the library or cheese fries to your dorm room.

So what is a Postmates Munchies Requisition Officer? As a Munchies Requisition Officer, you will inspire your community to engage with the Postmates brand, using an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

Munchies Requisition Officers are responsible for integrating Postmates into the student lifestyle by acting as tastemakers, social storytellers, and brand marketers. You will receive guidance and mentorship from Postmates’ executive Brand Marketing team and may use us as a resource for your success. This experience will be creatively challenging and will provide you an opportunity to develop your marketing skills, making you a highly-valued addition to the job market, just in time for graduation.

Click here to apply now. Read on if you’re looking for a side hustle that will sharpen your entrepreneurial skills, while giving you free Postmates credits.

Munchies Requisition Officer Perks —

  • Postmates will compensate your hard work with $500 per month in free Postmates credits all semester long for yourself and your friends.
  • We’ll also work with you to determine budget for marketing initiatives. Want to impress campus leadership by flooding their meeting with free lattes? Genius. The more creative you can be, the better.

Postmates Munchies Requisition Officers are required to —

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be currently enrolled at a target university: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), New York University (NYU), University of Miami (UMiami), University of San Francisco (USF)
  • Host events where Postmates can be used to provide food, drinks, groceries, and more
  • Implement ways for Postmates to be involved with a variety of groups, clubs, and events
  • Develop one “big idea” pitch during the semester to present to the Brand Marketing team at Postmates
  • Monthly phone check-ins with the Postmates Brand Marketing team in SF to provide:
  • General updates: Feedback on the product and user experience, recap of past month initiatives, suggestions for new local merchants to bring on as partners, pitch new marketing ideas
  • Execute experiential marketing initiatives:
  1. Events where Postmates is used for group orders/catering (2+/month)
  2. Distribution activities handing out promo cards (3+/month)
  3. Represent Postmates at school-sponsored campus events (3+/semester)
  4. Social posts on preferred platforms to document your work (10+/month)
  5. Fleet jobs and encourage peers to sign up as fleet to earn extra cash (2+/month)

Showing the power of Postmates to your campus is easy. Figuring out which moments will be of the highest impact is hard. Your creativity, outgoing personality, and supportive team here at Postmates will enable you to achieve big things.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply Now

Applications close at 11:59PM on 2/13.

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