Faces of Fleet — Meet German Rodriguez

April 30, 2020

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Faces of Fleet — Meet German Rodriguez

When he’s not out completing deliveries, German is overseas protecting our country with the US army. Originally from Mexico, German Rodriguez was adopted when he was just a baby by wonderful and loving parents who taught him all the values he now implements in his life and family.

Since his youth, German always aspired to join the US military and serve his country and after eight proud years, he plans to stay with the military until he can complete his 20-years before retiring.

His accomplishments don’t stop there. Even after starting a family, he decided to take on the challenge of completing college. After much hard work and sacrifice, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, helping him to achieve an important position within the military as part of a special task force.

He and his family are also owners of a ceramics store. German’s parents taught him everything he knows about running a business and is now working towards funding his own business in the entertainment industry, providing equipment, supplies, and services for special events.

“I don’t want to rely on loans or banks to start my business. That’s why I’m working hard and saving up money so that I can slowly keep funding everything myself.”

Having to leave for unspecified months at a time, German’s greatest challenge is being away from home and his loved ones while on duty.

“It’s hard losing time with my wife and our four kids, and then trying to come back to a nine-to-five job where I am again spending time away from my family and am unable to work toward a promotion when I’m deployed. This is why I’m so grateful for Postmates. I don’t have to start over, rather pick up where I left off. I can keep balance in my life with my family and my future goals.”

His advice to everyone?

“I want people to know that it’s important to be fully committed to your goals. Once you commit to a goal and work hard, it’ll take sacrifice, overcoming challenges and investing time but the reward makes it all worth it”.

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