Faces of Fleet—Meet JakK

An entrepreneur, an artist, a volunteer, and an advocate. Those are the words most would use to describe this incredible individual. Meet JakK.

An entrepreneur, a businesswoman, an artist, a volunteer, a musician, and an advocate. Those are the words most would use to describe this incredible and talented individual. Meet JakK.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, JakK is constantly on the move. The self-titled “JakK of all trades” can be found advocating for fleet members on the Fleet Advisory Board, working in the fashion industry, producing music and films, designing her own branding visuals, volunteering with local people without housing, raising her three children (2-year-old Prada, 4-year-old Xander, and 15-year-old Christian), and Postmating. 

Through November, JakK took to the streets of New York to meet with those without housing and gave back to her community. “I’m so big on giving back. I’ve fed [those without housing] through the whole month of November. I cooked for them every Sunday, went out into the community, fed them, and bought them clothing as well. I set up a wardrobe and let them pick whatever they wanted. Hat’s, scarves, gloves, whatever they needed.”

JakK is also currently working on a Christmas toy drive for children who may not otherwise be receiving gifts on Christmas morning.

When asked what her driving force was behind her big heart and generosity, her answer floored and humbled the Postmates team. When asked about her inspiration for all the good she is doing within her community, she stated, “I’ve been inspired by Postmates. Postmates has been a driving force behind me.”

“They care, you know? For so many people out here, it’s hard. It takes a village to raise a child, and I’m thankful for the support system that I have. So I just try to be as positive as I possibly can. I love the fact that [Postmates] have my back, they see my vision, and they have the platform to allow my voice to be heard.”

“I was living in South Carolina, and I ended up in a situation where the woman who owned the house wanted to sell it, and when I came back to New York with my daughter, I couldn’t get a job. Postmates created a way for me to take care of my daughter and make a way for myself. And then it kept going and flourishing.” 

“I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for Postmates. I know how it feels to have nobody, but Postmates has my back, and I want to be that for somebody else.”

In November of 2019, JakK released her song “Tough Love”. The lyrics read, “When life gets tough, the love don’t stop,” and it’s clear to see that this is how JakK chooses to live her life. With love, love, and more love for herself, her community, and every person who interacts with her. 

“I just wish the world could be more kind. More genuine to the experience. The experience in meeting someone, the experience of getting to know them, the experience of letting your guard down, of being gentile, and being genuine.”

If you’d like to follow JakK on her journey, you can find her on Instagram at @jakkpayne.