Faces of Fleet — Meet Jordan and Morgan

July 31, 2019

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Faces of Fleet — Meet Jordan and Morgan

In the summer of 2018, Jordan Turner and her identical twin sister, Morgan, decided to quit their day jobs and take a year-long road trip around the United States. In order to fund this long journey, the Turners looked to the gig economy for a solution. Upon realizing that Postmates operates in 550+ cities across the country, Jordan and Morgan quickly came up with a plan to travel the states and support their dream by Postmating along the way.

What inspired you to start this journey?

Last summer, we decided that we were just going to have our gig jobs and become Postmates. We realized that if we traveled and stayed in different cities, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a long time, that we could just go and still make money wherever we went.

What was it like delivering in different parts of the country?

It’s fun when you’re in different cities and people are ordering different things. In Portland, it’s like, OF COURSE I’m ordering these steaks from a random bar at two in the morning. You get this weird little glimpse into the culture of each city. I’m a writer, so I really appreciate that sort of view of what people are ordering.

What have been some of your favorite unexpected moments on the road?

In Washington DC, there are a lot of older classy seniors who are ordering things — they’re so sweet. It’s a reminder that some of these apps are so good for people who in the past would need a caregiver, which some people can’t afford. I love knowing that I can be the person that delivers their food.

How has delivering with Postmates helped you in your travels?

Postmates is in so many places — even more than last summer when we started. A lot of smaller towns have Postmates now, so we don’t always have to be in cities. We can explore some of the more rural parts of America, which is amazing. Gig work brings strangers together for a brief moment — I think it’s kind of magical.


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