Faces of Fleet — Meet Matt Crosby

December 17, 2018

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Faces of Fleet — Meet Matt Cosby

This is the ninth installment in a 12-part series where we uncover the stories of the people behind your deliveries.

Matt Cosby. Entrepreneur. Furniture Designer. San Diegan. Postmate.

Matt Cosby is a creative entrepreneur by profession. The artist graduated with an AA degree in Studio Art from Santa Barbara Community College. Shortly thereafter he became a father and entered the furniture design business in Los Angeles. This catapulted the entrepreneur into decades of experience designing and cataloging furniture, eventually for his own company. Cosby’s clients included top tier brands known across any industry: IKEA, Marriott, Embassy Suites and Facebook. However, life happened and the furniture connoisseur found himself single handedly caring for three young children. Meaning the furniture savant left his business behind to care for his children in quieter San Diego, where he found Postmates.

“Finances were really tight. When I first heard of Postmates I decided to give it a shot. I was skeptical. My first delivery was on Coronado Island to an older woman who reminded me of my grandmother. She told me, ‘You are really tall.’ “I found the comment oddly endearing.”

Towering at 6’2”, the single father of three teenagers (15, 17, and 18) had every intent of withdrawing from the furniture business to focus on his children. Yet Cosby, ever business-minded, soon thereafter found himself starting a new furniture venture, but on a much smaller scale. Now that he has gotten the hang of the app, he balances it between his furniture distribution company and his kids. Remarking that,

“The open schedule is really important to me. I can drop my kids off at school, follow up with my team on production schedules, and then hit lunchtime deliveries with Postmates. In the late afternoon I pick up my kids from school, prep an early dinner, and get back out for the dinner rushes.”

Cosby noted several times throughout the interview that flexibility is crucial in his desire to stay loyal to Postmates. If you’ve been an avid reader of Faces of Fleet over the last few months, thank you. We source content blindly and an extraordinary amount of our respondents are individuals with tremendous amounts of responsibility on their shoulders. Be they parents, single or otherwise, or independent men and women putting themselves through school. We aim to provide well-rounded stories that showcase the exemplary ability of our Postmates like Matt Cosby. We are gracious to have them on our Fleet, and doubly gracious that they spend what precious time they have sharing their stories with us.

We’d love to know how you think that are we doing? Please leave your thoughts/comments/suggestions here.

FFF (Faces of Fleet Factoids)

1. Endless networking potential.

Aside from the bonuses, guarantees, and other enticing aspects that Postmates provides, there is another reason Postmates is top of mind for Cosby: the networking potential. The father of 3 further explains,

“I’ve done a similar delivery to the same guy twice now. He is real nice, and real chatty. We’ve developed a great repertoire, he gave me his personal cell number.” Without giving too much away, Cosby remained modest in stating, “This guy is real busy during baseball season. He has one of the nicest houses in La Jolla. I knew this person must be important.”

After the baseball season ends, Cosby told us that that he and the aforementioned La Jolla resident plan on getting together over vegan cuisine. Perhaps discussing some furniture designs for the Padres?

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