Faces of Fleet- Meet Michael Ferguson

September 10, 2018

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Faces of Fleet- Meet Michael Ferguson

This is the fifth installment in a 12-part series where we uncover the stories of the people behind your deliveries.

Michael Ferguson. High School Teacher. Postmate. Oklahoman.

Today we introduce you to Michael Ferguson, an empowered high school teacher making a crucial difference in the lives of his students. However, given the struggling Oklahoma school system Michael has recently joined Postmates to supplement his income.

At the Oklahoma City charter school where he works, Michael teaches high school students the importance of public speaking, debate, and drama- topics that are arguably now more important than ever. Michael’s reason to continue teaching despite it’s challenge is just as inspiring as the reason he started.

“My wife is a high school AP English teacher. I witnessed everyday the incredible fulfillment she received from teaching. I wanted that. I was the first person in my family to go to college; that’s due to having teachers that empowered me. Teaching is more important now than ever, especially in Oklahoma.”

Guiding the teenagers of today into a brighter tomorrow has been paramount to Michael’s sense of fulfillment, but continuing to educate has been contingent on picking up additional work. This was the reason behind Michael joining Postmates one year ago. Initially introduced to the platform via a church friend who was already utilizing Postmates in the wake of Oklahoma’s budget cuts. Further demonstrating his appreciation for the app, Michael describes the interface as, “Intuitive and easy. Love that I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck.” The flexibility that Postmates provides outshines all other part-time positions that would otherwise be on Michael’s radar. The ability to work whenever, however, and wherever you want has made Postmates tremendously accessible for those in need of a guaranteed income that easily integrates into their lifestyle.

Needless to say, despite the benefits Postmates provides the fact remains that Oklahoma’s education system is precarious, and resources are becoming increasingly sparse.

“Kids growing up in this educational system, don’t know any different. Sharing books with duct-taped spines, sitting on the floor because all the chairs are broken…They have a sense from TV and seeing things on the internet that this is not how it’s supposed to be.”

Teachers like Michael are our everyday heroes. We’d like to thank Michael on behalf of everyone at Postmates for his unwavering perseverance to teaching. We are deeply honored to have him as part of our Postmates Fleet. Thank you Michael for all that you do!

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