Freaky-Fast Costume & Candy Delivery From Postmates

October 27, 2017

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Freaky-Fast Costume & Candy Delivery From Postmates

Happy (almost) Halloween, Los Angeles!

What’s that?

You’re not ready yet?

If you’ve been too busy to brave the costume and candy shopping frenzy…we get it. With lines around the block and everyone vying for the same zombie masks, the struggle is real. But thanks to Postmates, the struggle is also over.

Starting today through Oct. 29 , you can postmate a rad costume to your front door or office — or straight to your buddy’s Halloween party (if you like to live on the edge).

You see, we’ve teamed up with WeHo’s Pink Dot and stocked them with some kickass costume options, so when you place your Postmates order, we can make sure your crew looks legit. Unicorn PJs? Check. Emojis? We’ve got a bunch of them — conveniently in your size. And if you feel so inclined… you can even dress up like yours truly: a Postmate.

From Oct. 27–29, we’re also offering free delivery on those costumes, because we’re the go-the-extra-mile type. You feelin’ us? Good. Just pick your ghoulish getup and we’ll get it to you scary fast. Hurry up! Offer only valid while supplies last.

Stay freaky, Los Angeles!

Not in Los Angeles for Halloween? We’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeves — if you’re in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, or Pittsburgh, place an order through the DRINKS tab now through Halloween, and you may be in for a sweet surprise!


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