Happy Father’s Day To Our Dads

June 21, 2020

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Happy Father’s Day To Our Dads

Here at Postmates, we recognize that fathers have significant and impactful jobs in the world, and they deserve a special day in celebration of the role they play in so many lives.

During this pandemic, being a father and a parent has not been the easiest task, especially for single fathers. The hardship encountered by many families is prevalent in our community, and with that in mind, we felt the urge to support those in need.

We have recently partnered with The Ozzie & Me Scholarship Foundation and the Prather Foundation to express our gratitude while providing support to the fathers on the front lines of our Fleet delivering to individuals and families.
These charitable organizations aid in the development of women, children, families, and communities through scholarship, self-care, and social enrichment activities. Through this partnership, we were able to provide families in need with access to groceries, essential supplies, or other important items they need during this time. In working with these organizations, we hope to change lives and create a service-driven impact to level the playing field in all communities.

From us at Postmates to all of you, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. Thank you for all that you do.


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