Honoring the Veterans of Fleet

November 11, 2019

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Veterans Day: Veterans of Fleet

This Veterans Day we want to take time to honor and celebrate those who have helped protect our freedom and keep our country safe.

We especially want to celebrate the Veterans on Fleet who serve the community in so many ways.

Kee Broussard, one of the founding members of the Fleet Advisory Board, served in the United States Air Force from 1995–1998 and was stationed on Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. Kee’s rank was Airman First Class and worked in defense finance and accounting services.

“I am very proud to say that I’m a veteran of the United States military because I love America and all the opportunities and freedoms our amazing country has to offer, and I was willing to give my life for it.”

In honor of Veterans Day, Kee and the veterans of Postmates Fleet, we’re contributing $3,000 to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), whose mission is to ensure that veterans and their families are supported, protected, empowered, and never forgotten. And furthermore, we are proud to celebrate the heroes of Postmates Fleet by making this donation in their names.

Meet some of them now

Also honored, but not pictured

Alexander M. (Air Force), Angela B. (Army, 2000 — Present), Anthony M. (Army, 1988–1992), Arshiuna W. (Army National Guard, 2014–2018), Audra C. (Army, 1999–2009), Curtis A. (Army, 1999–2000), Dan D. (Army, 2010–2013), Dan M. (Army, 1986–2001), David B. (Airforce, 1971–1975), David E. (Air Force, 2006–2014), David W. (Army, 2000–2015), James F. (Army, 1998–2006), James G. (Marine Corps, 2016 — Present), James S. (Army, 2000–2009), Jeannine M. (Navy, 1974–1981), Jeffrey L. (Army, 1989), Jeremy M. (Marine Corps, 2015–2019), Joshua R. (Marine Corps, 2017 — Present), Juan O. (Army, 1996–1999), Kevin D. (Airforce, 2001- 2016), Lance W. (Army, 2005–2013), Larry G. (Navy, 2001–2010), Larry P. (Army), Mark A. (Coast Guard, 1978–1982), Mary H. (Army and Army National Guard, 2000 — Present), Michael H. (Marine Corps, 2017 — Present), Ryan G. (Army, 2003–2007), Scott F. (Navy, 2000–2004), Shane C. (Navy, 2002–2005), Stephen S. (Army, 2006), Stuart B. (Army, 1984–1990), Tibursio C. (Army, 2008–2013), Tommy T. (Army, 1998–2005), Wilberto E. (Navy, 2001–2004)

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America —

Founded and led by veterans, IAVA is the modern-day veterans hall for the current generation with over 400,000 members worldwide.

IAVA is a non-partisan member advised advocacy organization focused on solutions to the issues facing veterans today. In addition to our best in class advocacy work, IAVA offers a case-management program to help veterans of all generations navigate the government and non-government services available to them.

If you’re able, join us in honoring the important work IAVA does each day by donating here.


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