How do you Chipotle? Burrito or Bowl?

May 20, 2019

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How do you Chipotle? Burrito or Bowl?

Summer is coming and the age-old battle of Bowl vs. Burrito has surfaced once more. Since the beginning of time, Bowls have been reigning champion over Burritos, but now Burritos are fighting back.

Two forces, equal in taste and quality, both filling and scrumptious. Which will prevail? That is a question only you can decide.

For one week starting on May 20th, Postmates is giving everybody nationwide $4 off Chipotle Burritos and Bowls in order to vote for their hero food. What’s in it for you? To be on the right side of the battle, plus the chance to win free Chipotle all summer long, in the form of $1K in Postmates credit.

When ordering Chipotle through Postmates, use the code TEAMBURRITO or TEAMBOWL to show your allegiance and cast your vote for the best dish. Will it be the Burrito or the Bowl? Four winners from the victorious team will also be granted the grand prize of free Chipotle this summer, along with bragging rights from now until the end of time.

Burritos or Bowls — which team are you on?

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