Instant Deposits For the Postmates Fleet

October 8, 2018

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Instant Deposits For the Postmates Fleet

At Postmates, we are dedicated to lowering the barrier to work and providing our Postmates Fleet with the resources they need to thrive. And we have a responsibility to the cities, local businesses, and customers we serve to deliver on that promise. That’s why we’re excited to unveil a new tool that adds a bit more economic certainty to our lives — instant deposits: the most efficient way for our Postmates to access their earnings.

We’ve given millions of buyers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of local sellers, whose businesses we help grow each month. In doing so, we’ve collectively given hundreds of thousands of Postmates an entirely new set of tools to earn money whenever they want; (and in two different countries)! This week, we are fulfilling our mission to give our Postmates access to their money as quickly as possible.

As announced last week, Postmates Fleet in all of our markets will now also be able to cash out their earnings instantly. Whether you need a few extra bucks to wine and dine or catch your favorite musician live or even need to tackle an unexpected medical bill, instant deposits can help make that possible.

“Today, two-thirds of working people in the United States do not have $1,000 saved and nearly half cannot easily afford $400 when an emergency hits,” said Dr. Carmen Rojas, Executive Director of the Workers Lab. “The unpredictable nature of work often results in uncertain financial conditions for working people. We must provide new ways to meet the full range of working people’s real-time needs so they can lead their lives with the dignity, opportunity and mobility that they deserve.”

And members of Postmates Fleet, such as Tavaris Sam of Phoenix, are already reaping the benefits of not having to wait. “At one point it was difficult when I wasn’t working at the time,” he says. “It was really hard to wait for a week.” Since the launch, he’s used it regularly. “Every two deliveries,” he says through a chuckle.

We are proud that members of our Fleet earn an average of $18.32 per hour on the job, and have access to resources ranging from career development programs, tax resources, to health care navigation tools with partners like Stride Health. We know that many use our platform as a bridge to career aspirations or a means to supplement their income. That’s why you’ll continue to see Postmates experiment with new benefit and resource experiments–to understand what tools our Postmates Fleet need to continue to invest in their long term upward mobility.


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