🚨Introducing Emoji Search on Postmates🚨

July 17, 2019

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🚨Introducing Emoji Search on Postmates🚨

On this momentous day — World Emoji Day — we recognize that there is no truer global and universal language than emojis, which is why we’ve been working on integrating them into Postmates.

Imagine this: It’s Wednesday. You’re hungry. You fire up Postmates. But what do you want to order?

The only thing on your mind is a glorious slice of delicious pizza. You can see it clear as day. We know how it is when you can’t get a picture that’s stuck in your brain out into the real world.

So we fixed it for you. Thanks to emojis, you don’t have to say a thing.

Want to search for a burrito? Say less.


Need a donut (or is it spelled doughnut? Who cares, doesn’t matter)? Easy.


Want Avocado Toast? Of course you do. Double up those emojis.


Need Burger King. We got that too.


That’s right, starting today you can search for all of the amazing things that you love using an emoji. You emoji, your little sister emojis, your mom and dad emoji, heck… even your grandma emojis.

There are 1500+ emojis that you can use to search for what you want, anytime you want it, from ice cream to prawns. And maybe together (we don’t judge).

Give it a try, and keep an eye out for some fun easter eggs. Share them on Twitter with the hashtag #PostMoji when you find them!

Happy Emojiing!

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