Introducing Our New York Fleet Advisory Board Board Members

June 15, 2020

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Introducing Our New York Fleet Advisory Board Board Members

The Postmates Fleet has been crucial to helping restaurants and small businesses across the country stay connected to their communities throughout the pandemic. At Postmates, we remain focused on taking care of the people who power our platform and providing them with the tools and resources they need to be successful in good times and bad.

That’s why we are proud to announce that we are expanding our Fleet Advisory Board (FAB) to include three new board members based in New York.

The FAB is made up of some of our top-performing couriers who work together to elevate the voice of the Postmates Fleet to company leaders. They regularly advise on product and policy decisions, providing guidance based on feedback from their fellow fleet members that is crucial not only to the success of our business but also to supporting the wellbeing of our workers both on and off the platform. For example, the FAB recently played a critical role in Postmates creating the on-demand industry’s first-ever family care relief policy for our fleet. We launched this new policy in response to the COVID-19 crisis and it has helped couriers cover the cost of staying home to take care of children or loved ones who may be sick.

With our newest FAB members, we can deepen our ties with the New York community. It is important to us that we meet our fleet members where they are, and understand their unique city experiences so we can tailor benefits to their real-world needs. That’s why, for instance, we partnered with Bike New York and Transportation Alternatives to promote road safety because delivery workers in New York City primarily rely on bikes and e-bikes to complete deliveries. These are the kinds of initiatives that our newest FAB members will help us pursue as they gather ongoing feedback from fleet members in New York.

Postmates also will broaden our offerings to the FAB going forward to include specialized personal growth opportunities for new and existing members. We want to help each board member make progress toward a particular career development goal he or she may have, such as sponsoring their pursuit of a specialized skill or certification. Postmates will assist the advisory board’s transition to hosting virtual events with other fleet members for the time being, so the FAB can continue to stay connected with the communities they represent.

We hope the newest New York members of the Fleet Advisory Board will build upon the important contributions the founding board members have made to Postmates — and to the entire on-demand industry. In the coming months, Postmates plans to add more members to the board and further expand the diversity of voices that contribute to this invaluable worker forum. Together, they make our platform stronger for couriers everywhere, and for the local business and communities that rely on delivery more than ever before.


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