Meet the Fleet Advisory Board

April 1, 2019

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Meet the Fleet Advisory Board

In 2018 we launched a mission to shrink the distance and increase the connectivity between our Fleet of Postmates and the teams at our headquarters.

With this lofty goal in mind, we turned to the true experts, our Postmates, and the genesis of what has become our Fleet Advisory Board (FAB) was born. Our goal was not only to build a more granular understanding of who Postmates are, but to learn more about their experiences with the Fleet product, interaction with customers and merchants, and where their biggest pain points lie.

The Fleet Advisory Board was launched in late 2018 to elevate the voice of the Postmates Fleet to Postmates leadership. This body ensures that the decisions, products, and policies we release continue to improve the Postmates Fleet experience.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • November Kick-off meeting — this was designed to introduce our Board members to key internal stakeholders, but still led to a few takeaways which drove real outcomes.
  • When we heard that customers were often leaving order notes in the wrong app section, our product team updated the flow in our app which reduced the rate of occurrence and led to happier customers and Fleet.
  • January — this meeting was with stakeholders across our Merchant team included both technical, and non-technical team members.
  • We learned that there is a lot we can do to enhance the delicate relationship between the three sides of our marketplace. We’re working on a system to use data to identify challenges a particular merchant may have, so that we can create the appropriate, targeted educational content.
  • Our Design Research team hosted a design thinking workshop using real feedback to shape the prototype of a future hot/cold bag so it’s maximized for on-delivery needs.
  • February Fleet & Greet — In February we hosted our inaugural Fleet & Greet events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Top area Postmates were invited to a casual evening of drinks, bites, and mingling where we introduced their respective Board members and gathered feedback across all departments.
  • We learned we could be doing a better job on creating a safe experience for women on our platform and have connected our Trust & Safety team with one several of our top Postmates who voiced concerns to make sure we consider their experiences in shaping our T&S roadmap. As a result, we are working on processes to protect the anonymity of survivors of assault, as well as writing a new policy to escalate T&S issues our Fleet may run into when interacting with employees of apartment buildings where they may be delivering goods to customers.
  • We heard a lot of conversation around the ‘Weekly Summary’ email which contains stats about weekly performance, mileage, and earnings. We realized there were times when the email wasn’t sent and sometimes even excluded information. We’ve since completely overhauled the email content and process entirely so it’s reflective of what we heard on the ground.

Moving forward

We are working closely with the FAB to understand the partnerships and resources that can help with their economic wellbeing, both on the platform and off. You’ll be hearing more about new programs in the months to come, but as we develop ways to balance worker benefits & worker protections, with worker flexibility in the gig-economy, the feedback of our Fleet helps us build targeted programming across healthcare products, financial products, and career development products.

Additionally, we plan to expand the Fleet Advisory Board to other markets so that the voices of Postmates across the country are heard and represented in the products, policies, and decisions that matter most to them.

We will continue in our endeavor to do right for our Postmates, both on and off the platform, and will keep you in the loop on the updates and changes we are implementing along the way.

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