Meet Veggie Grill’s VG Beyond Burger

February 3, 2017

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Meet Veggie Grill’s VG Beyond Burger

If you’re looking for a veggie burger that tastes like a real burger — look no further than Veggie Grill’s newest menu item: the VG Beyond Burger.

The VG Beyond Burger makes you “forget everything you thought you knew about burgers”, said Veggie Grill CEO Steve Heeley. “It is a classic American hamburger style that everyone loves. The Beyond Meat patty is served on a sesame bun, with grilled onions, melted American veggie cheese, tomato, crisp iceberg lettuce and a house-made signature sauce. It completely blows away perceptions of what veggie food can be.”

In terms of how this new revolutionary burger came about, Heeley said that the new menu item truly came to fruition during the first taste test with their partner, Beyond Meat. “We had the opportunity to meet with Beyond Meat and taste their burger. Tasting it was a ‘wow’ moment, and we knew this would be the holy grail in what many people have been looking for.”

In fact, this is how they ideate most of their menu concepts. “We take the approach of: ‘What do our guests want to eat today?’ We then conceptualize a veggie-centric dish using vegetables, grains, fruits, and nuts. We do four seasonal menus a year so we’re constantly innovating and creating new menu items… like the VG Beyond Burger!”

Heeley also added that the partnership with Postmates has been instrumental in giving the customers what they want as well. “Postmates helps our customers satisfy their Veggie Grill cravings, when they want it. The convenience factor that Postmates allows for, has certainly enabled us to reach more guests than we would’ve otherwise.”

To taste what all the hype is about for yourself, visit the Veggie Grill store on Postmates and order the VG Beyond Burger — now exclusively sold on Postmates!