Now Serving DRINKS In Chicago

August 2, 2017

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Now Serving DRINKS In Chicago

America’s greatest drinking city just got even better.

Starting today, we’re expanding our DRINKS service to the windy city. Chicagoans can now enjoy alcohol on-demand in 25 minutes or less.

Just in time for the Chicago summer, we’re also waiving the delivery fee on all DRINKS orders through the end of August. So whether you’re keeping your cool indoors or hitting up Millennium Park, we’re committed to bringing you that chilled beer or bottle of rosé, wherever you may be.

And while we know that Chicago is proud of their local beers — we also know that this city ranks as one of the most buzz-worthy mixology scenes.

To get the lowdown on how to postmate the perfect at-home cocktail, we consulted Chicago’s local mixology experts; to begin we met with Luke Andrews, winner of Time Out’s bar of the year, and the man behind the revered Berkshire Room bar in River North: Acme’s cocktail lounge.

When asked what drew Andrews to mixology in the first place, he points to the intricacies of the entire cocktail making process. “I enjoy everything about making drinks. I like squeezing the juice, measuring, smelling the fresh ingredients… When it’s hot out I lean towards citrus forward drinks.”

“In terms of summertime in Chicago, you can’t go wrong with chilled bottles of white wine and seafood — or a cold beer and a hot dog with some baseball on the side. But if you’re new to trying your hand at craft cocktails, a good place to start is the sours… sticking to just three key ingredients.”


2 0z gin (or vodka)

.75 oz citrus (lime)

.5 0z simple syrup (or sugar)

Whiskey Sour

2 0z whiskey

.75 oz citrus (lemon)

.5 0z simple syrup (or sugar)


2 0z tequila

.75 oz citrus (lime)

.5 0z simple syrup (or sugar)

“These three ingredients [alcohol, lime / lemon, and sugar] will be the cornerstone moving forward to mixing up more complicated drinks.”

Following these simple-to-follow recipes — we’re here to further ensure your pathway to becoming a mixologist is made that much easier with Postmates. To make the perfect at-home cocktail, be sure to visit the DRINKS tab on iOS or Android and postmate your next bottle of premium tequila, whiskey, vodka or gin, sourced from your local liquor store.


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