Pokimane x Postmates — Order Like Gaming Royalty

May 15, 2019

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Pokimane x Postmates — Order Like Gaming Royalty

We’re all fired up to announce our partnership with Pokimane. As one of the most popular gamers in the U.S. and an avid Postmates customer, Pokimane will be sharing her own personal free delivery Postmates code across Twitch, and host monthly giveaways on her social channels for both new and existing Postmates users.

“Any streamer can attest to the importance of convenient and good food that can fuel you through a long day of gaming. That’s why Postmates is a god-sent for me, especially since it features all my favorites, from healthy breakfasts to cheat meals and everything in between. Super excited to be partnering with a company that my friends and I already love!”

Pokimane is a long-time user and exudes the exact kind of attitude it takes to be one of our top Postmates customers. We asked Pokimane to answer some questions to solidify her status as the gaming-Queen of Postmates.

How long have you been using Postmates?

Over 2 years now.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Postmated?

A crowbar to open a box a fan sent us!

What are your favorite cuisines?

Korean and Italian.

What was your laziest Postmate order?

Starbucks coffee instead of walking 5 minutes to buy it myself 😅

UTA brokered the deal on behalf of Pokimane


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