Postmates Fleet Pride 2020

July 1, 2020

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Postmates Fleet Pride 2020

Every June, Postmates celebrates our LGBTQIA+ Fleet members by honoring Pride Month and bringing awareness to the ongoing fight for equality and justice in this country. While there’s much to applaud this year–including the Supreme Court’s recent decision shielding gay and transgender employees from workplace discrimination–the current reckoning taking place in regards to systemic racism and inequality make all too clear that there’s no Pride for some of us without the liberation of all of us. The recent murders of two Black trans women serve as painful reminders that there’s still a very long way to go before every gay and trans person can live freely, equally, and openly.

This Pride Month, we are focused on celebrating the progress that’s been made for the LGBTQIA+ community we know and love in a way that reflects the dynamic diversity of our Fleet by representing the intersectionality of gay and transgender issues. Here’s what we did:

  • Transcend Conversation with Activist Ebony Harper: Ebony Harper, Director of California TRANScends and founder of the National Alliance for Trans Liberation and Advancement, taught Postmates Fleet members about the history of LGBTQIA+ rights, intersectionality, and how Pride relates to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Because every one of us should be involved in this fight — whether you’re a member of the queer community or not — she emphasized the importance of activism and showing up as allies, neighbors, and friends.
  • Drag Out the Vote with Brita Filter: Drag queen Brita Filter of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame joined us for an afternoon of virtual lip-syncs and dance performances in support of Drag Out the Vote, a nonpartisan, nonprofit whose mission is to educate, register, and turn out voters with the art and activism of drag.
  • ‘Show Us Your Pride’ Photo Contest: All week long, Fleet members submitted photos of how they are living proudly and boldly.
  • Sangria & Secrets with Drag Queens: Dedicated Fleet members tuned into a cabaret-style lesson in cocktail crafting taught by drag queens in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • DJ Dance Party with WHIT the DJ and Jasmine Infiniti: A high-energy month deserves a high-energy send-off celebration, and that’s just what DJs Jasmine Infiniti and WHIT the DJ delivered. They threw down beats as Fleet members danced, sang, and shook their tail feathers for two straight hours.
  • And as a thank you to each of our hosts, we donated $500 to an advocacy organization of their choice, including Drag Out the Vote, G.L.I.T.S., The Bail Project and The Okra Project.

We’re grateful to our LGBTQIA+ Fleet members for inspiring us every day and helping make our platform as strong as it is,and we’re especially grateful to the Black trans women who hosted so many of our amazing events this month. The truth is that Pride wouldn’t be possible without Black trans women who threw the first bricks that started a movement for justice and equality that grows stronger every year. We all must support their continued work and combat the homophobia, racism, and sexism that pervade their daily lives.

Postmates is proud to stand with and fight for all of our beautiful, diverse Fleet members — this month and every month of the year.


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