Postmates & HRC Proudly Celebrate Love

June 23, 2017

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Postmates & HRC Proudly Celebrate Love

Postmates has always believed in the simple idea that love is love.

This month, as Americans wave their flags of PRIDE high and march forward in celebration of the LGBTQ community, the Postmates family is determined to reaffirm our core belief in the equal dignity of all persons.

From Nashville, Tennessee, where our colleagues are partnering with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce to participate in this weekend’s Equality Walk — to San Francisco, California, where we are displaying the diverse faces of what a community of allies looks like — we applaud those who have spoken out, demanding we extend the promise of our country to all Americans.

Though it goes without saying, despite the extraordinary progress of the past few years, we still have more work to do. That’s why we’re standing with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). But we need your help to amplify our impact! Share what PRIDE means to you with hashtag #PrideFTW and @Postmates, and we’ll donate $1 to the HRC for every post.

And to that end, we now want to introduce you to part of the Postmates family — a collection of rad LGBTQ persons, allies, and advocates, who have shared what PRIDE means to them. But beyond just this month, let’s all work to always embrace love, committing to the idea that no person should be judged by anything other than the content of their character.


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