Postmates + JVS — Boosting Fleet Success

January 7, 2020

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Postmates + JVS — Boosting Fleet Success

At Postmates, we’re working hard to build a better safety net for our Fleet members and gig workers everywhere. But that alone is not enough. Working in the on-demand industry should be a springboard to new opportunities and a path toward lifelong success and fulfillment. That’s why we’re excited to continue building opportunities for career mobility and advancement for Postmates Fleet members.

As part of the innovation economy, we’re in the business of solving complex challenges. We recognize that as the future of work changes, we need to do our part to ensure that our Fleet members have the opportunities necessary to succeed. So last year, we were proud to launch a partnership through a financial grant to Jewish Vocational Service (JVS), whose career pathway and job search programs are designed to help people achieve self-sufficiency and reach their professional goals. Our Bay Area-based Postmates had the opportunity to participate in the JVS Job Search Accelerator, a two-week workshop designed for people who have a target job in mind but may need help sharpening the skills needed to nail the interview process. The program was incredibly successful; since the start of the partnership, participants have found full-time employment doing everything from data analytics to fundraising at places like Airbnb, Clean Water Action, and San Francisco City and County.

Clearly we were onto something, so, as our partnership with JVS Bay Area entered its second year, we began thinking about how our Fleet could benefit from career development resources on a larger scale.

We’re proud to announce that our partnership has launched in Southern California and will soon be scaling to Chicago, Miami, Seattle, and New York City.

But we didn’t just expand — we continued innovating. Our Job Search Accelerator partnership now offers:

● 36-hour job search and skills training

● “Boot Camp” offerings with a condensed and more concentrated curriculum, to encourage greater participation and reduce earnings loss

● 1-on-1 career advising

● Opportunities for mock interviews and networking

● Weekly group seminars and skills training

● Access to online alumni support

That’s just the beginning. We’ve seen the power of partnerships, so we’re revamping our work with to provide eligible Postmates across the country access to online college courses and professional certifications, at no cost to them. We’re collaborating with Google to give our workers access to IT certification courses through Google Grow. And in NYC, we’re joining forces with local nonprofits so that our Fleet can be tapped into the city’s powerful network of career development resources.

Plus, with the help of LinkedIn, Postmates will offer participants one free year of LinkedIn Premium and host streamlined training sessions so that they can leverage the skills they’ve gained to advance their job search.

And like in everything we do, we’re always listening to our Fleet to know how we can improve our services. For instance, we’ve learned that since earnings depend on Fleet members’ availability, committing 36 hours to attend class reduces their earnings, creating a disincentive to fully participate. We’ve also seen that because Fleet members already have a source of income, their motivation and need for vocational services vary greatly. We take this feedback seriously; solving these hurdles will be a priority moving forward.

Because we’re not done yet. Ultimately, our goal is to offer quality workforce development and upward mobility services both in-person and virtually to all of our Fleet. We want to expand the successes we’ve had so far so that every member of the Postmates community can have the skills and opportunities to make their dreams possible.

Just as work has changed, and a lot of people today want flexible, non-traditional employment that supports a modern, mobile lifestyle, education and training have to change. There need to be lifetime-learning and training models that meet the needs of gig workers. Postmates is dedicated to this, and every other company in the gig economy should be as well. In fact, a commitment to high-quality, continuous professional development should be standard in our industry. Because the future of work won’t work without it.


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