Postmates Unlimited: Get Anything Delivered — Including Access to Today’s Hottest Artists

September 12, 2017

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Postmates Unlimited: Get Anything Delivered — Including Access to Today’s Hottest Artists

ICYMI: Postmates expanded its Unlimited subscription service this month to offer free delivery of anything, from anywhere. To celebrate, we’re offering some pretty insane “Unlimited” experiences.

This weekend at the Day N Night Music Festival, Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper performed killer sets at the Postmates Main Stage — and between acts, festivalgoers hung out in our Unlimited lounge where artists Kamaiyah and Rich Chigga ordered “unlimited” amounts of Chick-fil-A via Postmates for the crowd. #takeusback

Postmates Unlimited Lounge @ Day N Night Festival in Anaheim, CA

Experiencing FOMO about missing the show? Have no fear, we’re helping Galantis celebrate the launch of their latest EP with a secret show in San Francisco this Tuesday, September 12. The ONLY way you can unlock the show is to sign up for Postmates Unlimited.


When we say we aim to be the go-to for “anything delivered, anywhere” — we mean it, especially for music fans. From your favorite restaurants to drinks on-demand, to our Justin Bieber pop-up store to unreleased Katy Perry music, sign up for Postmates Unlimited and you’ll never pay for delivery or miss a beat.

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