Postmates Unlimited Grows 300% — Zeroing Out Delivery Fees For Subscribers

October 4, 2018

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Postmates Unlimited Grows 300% — Drops Minimum Order Amount

Loyalty just got less expensive. Starting today, 10/4 — Postmates Unlimited members can say goodbye to delivery fees on any order $15 and higher.

Postmates Unlimited, the first on-demand loyalty program of its kind, just dropped the minimum order from $20 to $15. This means that for just $9.99 / month, customers pay zero delivery fees on any order $15 and up. Yep. Think about it. That means if you postmate just one SUGARFISH Trust Me box, you enjoy no delivery fees! How about two combo platters from Halal Guys — or a salad and drink from Sweetgreen? You’d pay no delivery fees there either.

What began as a pilot in March 2016 is now your new and improved on-demand loyalty program you simply have to have. So why did we decide to lower the minimum order from $20 to $15? In the past year alone, our Unlimited members have doubled. According to Kristin Schaefer, our SVP of Strategy & Finance — “since we launched Unlimited in 2016, it has been highly successful, growing 300% year over year. Unlimited has become a way of life. Nearly 1 in 3 orders on Postmates are coming from our members and in some of our key markets, nearly 1 in 2 orders come from Unlimited members.”

The more than 200,000 merchants and 240,000 Postmates on our platform are also seeing the benefit of more orders and higher spend from Unlimited members, who spend over twice as much annually compared to non-members. On average, Unlimited members spend 50% more than the average Amazon Prime subscriber; this increase in spend across multiple categories drives meaningful growth for our merchants and fleet.

Because in an era in which on-demand convenience is embedded within most of our lifestyles, why wouldn’t we subscribe to the services we rely on most and save some money? We subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Stitch Fix, BarkBox, Spotify… and now Postmates Unlimited. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Sign up for Unlimited and pay just $7.99 per month when you pay annually. With this lower price point, you have no reason to not try it out and get access to free delivery from an unlimited selection that includes thousands of restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacy stores, bakeries, beauty stores and more.

Why not commit to what you love (aka Postmates)? Isn’t it time we make this relationship official? Sign up for Unlimited. Let’s make this a regular thing.


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