Recognizing Our Veterans & Their Service

Vets make their mark throughout Postmates — from those that design our product to members of our fleet. Today we honor each of you for…

Recognizing Our Veterans & Their Service

Vets are the backbone of Postmates, from those that design our product through members of our fleet. Today we honor each of you for your service and we are taking Veterans Day to reflect on your sacrifices.

Like last year, we’ve partnered with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) to highlight the most important topics concerning the veteran community today. In 2018, IAVA will focus on 6 priorities that their members see as most pressing. This “Big 6” contains the challenges and opportunities that IAVA members care about most — and see as areas where they can uniquely make an impact. IAVA members are poised to educate the public, design solutions for positive impact, and lead the way to the future.

IAVA Big 6 Priorities:

  1. Sustain campaign to combat suicide among troops and veterans
  2. Sustain campaign to recognize and improve services for women veterans
  3. Defend veteran and military education benefits
  4. Defend and reform government support for today’s veterans
  5. Initiate support for injuries from burn pits and other toxic exposures
  6. Initiate empowerment of veterans who want to utilize cannabis

Postmates is proud to stand behind IAVA’s work, which aims to increase recognition, influence policy changes, provide support, and improve services for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Join us in telling all veterans: we see you, we appreciate you, and we hear you, by making a donation to IAVA today. Learn more about IAVA, here.