Thinking Bigger and Bolder on Benefits

August 13, 2019

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Thinking Bigger and Bolder on Benefits

Everyday, tens of thousands of Postmates fleet members work hard delivering meals and all kinds of other goods, making life easier and better for customers all over the country. Today, Postmates is making a special delivery that we hope will make life easier and better for our fleet members themselves.

We’re excited to roll out a package of new benefits, including free occupational accident insurance, new health care options, free access to online college courses and professional certifications, and a flexible toolkit that pulls them all together in one easy-to-use site. These new benefits are part of our longstanding commitment to listen to fleet members — especially through our Fleet Advisory Board — and to provide the best possible support. They build on the services we already offer, from help enrolling in Obamacare to innovative ways to access cash on-demand in the case of a personal emergency. But most of all, these new benefits are a downpayment on a bigger vision for the future of our company and the entire gig economy,

Every day it seems like there’s a new debate about the future of the gig economy. That’s a good thing, because as our economy changes, so must the ways we protect our workers. At Postmates, we think our industry can do a whole lot better. We believe it’s time for a new deal for gig workers that offers economic opportunity, flexibility, and a strong safety net with great benefits.

We need to think bigger and bolder. Gig companies have to be as innovative when it comes to new benefits and protections for workers as we are when designing new products and solving problems for customers. For example, at Postmates, we support Medicare-For-All, a groundbreaking national solution to our country’s urgent health care challenges. And in the meantime, we’re calling for an industry-wide benefits fund, paid for by companies like ours and to make sure all workers have access to benefits like health, on-the-job accident insurance, career development programs, and disability and long-term retirement savings.

Getting there will be a journey, and this is bigger than any one company. But as we continue to work with governments and labor leaders towards long term solutions, there are things we can do right now that will move us in the right direction. After all, even the longest deliveries begin with a first step. That’s why Postmates is excited to announce this new package of bigger and bolder benefits for our fleet members.


First, because nothing is more important than fleet members’ safety and security, we’re offering free occupational accident insurance for every Postmate on every active delivery on our platform. In a recent survey, more than 50% of fleet members said they don’t have insurance and worry about getting injured on the job. We’re fixing that right now. There won’t be any complicated paperwork required to sign up — beginning in October every Postmate will be automatically covered — and it won’t cost them a dime. We’re joining some other great companies that have taken similar steps and hope that today’s announcement helps us work towards a new industry-wide standard for all gig workers.


Second, we’ll expanding our partnership with Stride through Stride Benefits in the coming weeks. We want to do more than simply offer access to a health plan. Our fleet members will now be offered access to board-certified physicians 24/7, discounted rates on prescriptions, disability and life insurance, and online banking options.

We are also rolling out a new Flexible Toolkit based on feedback from fleet members that will make it easier to navigate everything from healthcare to taxes to education. It will include resources to help pick the right insurance options, connect to experts, and pursue educational and professional development.


And finally, because the safety net should be a springboard, we’re doubling down on partnerships that create opportunities for upward mobility. Working in partnership with e-learning platform, Postmates is unveiling free online access to 7 courses on in-demand subject areas such as SQL & project management certifications to language & cybersecurity training. And stemming from our successful partnership with Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) , we’re expanding access to free in-person job search accelerator programs in San Francisco and in Los Angeles via JVS SoCal. The programs offer individualized job search services to help members of our Fleet develop skills (across marketing, design, CRM and other focus areas) that aid placement in full-time employment opportunities. In Q4 of 2019, Postmates will expand this programming to regional job-placement organizations in Chicago, Miami, and New York markets.

These new benefits are just the beginning. We won’t be satisfied until all Postmates — and all gig workers everywhere — have the protections and opportunities they deserve. We’re going to keep working with our fleet members, other companies, labor unions, and policymakers to make that bigger, bolder deal for gig workers a reality. This journey starts now.

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