Unlimited reasons to be happy.

March 31, 2016

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Unlimited reasons to be happy.

Today we’re launching Postmates Plus Unlimited, a free delivery subscription service, available to customers, merchants, and our community of Postmates drivers and riders.

Unlimited offers free delivery and zero service fees on any purchase from our Postmates Plus merchant partners. With Plus merchant partners, deliveries are accepted instantly and delivered faster than ever.

With Postmates Plus Unlimited you get:

  • Unlimited Free Delivery — Get free delivery on all orders from over 3,000 Plus merchants over $30
  • No Service Fee — You pay exactly what you pay in the store. Restaurant or retail
  • First In Line — Your orders are instantly accepted and will never surge

Plus Unlimited is $9.99 per month and you can cancel anytime. To get started sign up within our iOS App (Android sign-up will be available in early April) or learn more here.

We’re launching Plus Unlimited right at the same time we’ve hit another important milestone: Postmates is now fulfilling 1,000,000 deliveries each month.

At Postmates our vision has always been to become a utility; to create an infrastructure for local commerce. We’ve pioneered the idea of having anything delivered from anywhere to showcase how a city utilizing such an infrastructure could look. We gave our customers access to merchants that were previously inaccessible. We unlocked local inventories and have driven more than $350M (2015 + Q1/16) in sales to local economies.

Last year we carefully began to transform our premium product. We were able to capitalize on huge efficiency gains, mostly through delivery volume density and as a result a much greater fleet utilization. It really does help that we have a fleet of 25,000 Postmates doing deliveries. We also started forging partnerships with small and large merchants. These partnerships allow us to integrate into a partner’s POS or inventory system and allow them to use our Postmates Order technology.

The result was Postmates Plus — a network of more than 3,000 local merchants that are now accessible at a heavily reduced delivery fee of $2.99/$3.99. Nine months after launch, Plus accounts for almost 40% of our delivery volume.

With our Unlimited subscription we’re now taking the next step in becoming a utility. Removing delivery and service fees for purchases creates a level playing field between local delivery and in-store purchases.

In addition to having access to all of the best local restaurants in your city, Unlimited provides access to delivery from retail partners like American Apparel, with no fees. The future of Plus Unlimited is greater diversity of places, across retail, convenience, beauty and more.

One more thing. We decided to give free Plus Unlimited memberships to all merchant partners, their entire staff and senior drivers and riders in the Postmates Fleet.