API Pricing Policy

Last Updated: Jan 5th, 2021

  1. Definitions.

    An “Order” means a delivery request submitted by you through the Postmates API, requesting delivery of an item to a certain customer of yours or deliver a third party’s item.

    A “Confirmed Order” means an Order for which you have approved the Fee Quote and Drop-Off Time Quote submitted by Postmates and have authorized the delivery.

    A “Courier” shall mean any third-party independent contractor who completes a delivery request from a Partner or Developer.

    A “Drop-Off Time Quote” means the delivery time quoted by Postmates for each Order.

    A “Fee Quote” means the fee quoted by Postmates for each Order.

    A “Location” shall mean the pick-up location set by you for each Confirmed Order.

  2. Fee Schedule.

    You will pay Postmates the Fee Quote in each Confirmed Order. The Fee Quote will be calculated pursuant to Postmates’ Fee Table (below) which may be updated from time to time with no notice to you and in Postmates sole discretion.

  3. Refunds and Cancellation Fees.

    In the event that a Confirmed Order cannot be completed as a result of the customer being unavailable at the drop-off location after you, the Courier, and/or Postmates have made commercially reasonable attempts to contact the customer (which in no case will require more than 5 minutes of waiting time by a Courier at the drop-off location), or a customer rejects the delivery due to the wrong items being delivered, you will pay Postmates the Fee Quote as well as an additional delivery fee for the return trip to the Location and reception of the item or items.

    In the event that a Confirmed Order cannot be completed as a result of you or customer cancelling the order before pickup or as a result of your operations (including, but not limited to the inaccessibility of the item to be delivered within 5 minutes of a Courier’s arrival at the Location for such Confirmed Order), you are not responsible for the Fee Quote but will pay Postmates a cancellation fee for such Confirmed Order.

    If a Courier spends no more than 10 minutes within 200 meters of the pickup location and arrives within 200 meters of the drop-off location no more than 45 minutes after the drop-off window quoted to Partner for the Confirmed Order, and you shall be responsible for Fee Quote. If the foregoing conditions are not met, Postmates will refund you the Fee Quote.

    Cancellation ScenarioWho Cancelled?
    Before courier accept$0$0
    After courier accept$0$5
    After courier pickup$0Delivery Fee
  4. Fee Table.

    MarketBase PricePer Mile PriceMin Price
    Rest of the US (Excl. CA)$4.50$1.50$6.00