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  1. Attribution. You agree to display any attribution(s) required by Postmates as described in the documentation for the Postmates API Terms and Postmates API.
  2. Partner Operations. You will set up and maintain operations (including any necessary employees or third-parties engaged by you for such operations) such that your items for each Confirmed Order are prepared and easily accessible for pick-up by a third party independent contractor courier (“Courier”) at the Pickup ETA provided by Postmates.
  3. Age Verification. You will be responsible for indicating in the Postmates API that an order requires age verification and will use a system to verify that a Courier picking up a delivery is the legally required age. In the event that the customer who placed the order is not physically present to receive the restricted item, is not the legally required age, or is visibly intoxicated, the Courier will immediately return the entire order to the Partner Location where it was initially picked up. You will be charged for this return pursuant to the API Pricing Policy which may be updated from time to time at Postmates’ sole discretion.
  4. API Limitations. Postmates may set limits on the number of API requests that you can make, at Postmates’ sole discretion. You agree to such limitations and will not attempt to circumvent such limitations.
  5. Monitoring. Postmates may monitor the use of the API to ensure quality, improve Postmates products and services, and verify your compliance with these terms. You will not interfere with such monitoring. Postmates may use any technical means to overcome such interference.
  6. Investigation. Postmates reserves the right to investigate any of your Service for compliance with these terms. Such investigation may include Postmates accessing and using the Service, for example to identify security issues that could affect Postmates or its customers or users. You consent to any such investigation. Postmates may suspend access to the Postmates API by your Service without notice if Postmates reasonably believes that you are in violation of these terms.
  7. Retrieval of User Content. When an end user’s non-public content is obtained through the Postmates API, you may not expose that content to other end users or to third parties without explicit opt-in consent from that user.
  8. Open Source. If any of your Service developed includes any open source software, (i) you have complied and will comply with all applicable open source software licensing terms and (ii) you have not and will not use any open source software in such a manner that would cause any software or Intellectual Property Rights of Postmates to be subject to any open source software licensing terms, restrictions or obligations.