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Client Libraries

Below you'll find a list of client libraries contributed by members of our developer community. If you've written a library and want to share it with us, please tweet at us @PostmatesDev.









Shopping Cart Plugins

For partners and developers building on-demand delivery into their shopping cart checkout flow, here is a list of plugins and extensions you can integrate with.

If you have built a shopping cart plugin and want to share it with us please tweet at us @PostmatesDev.

Approval Guidelines

Once you’ve registered for a developer account, you’ll be put into a queue to be considered for a production API key. Below you’ll find some guidelines for getting approved.

  • Provide accurate app name and contact information.
  • Provide detailed description of what you’re building.
  • Supply estimated delivery volume and markets.
  • Provide valid payment information.

Here are some good use cases for the API:

  • Retail brands with local inventory.
  • Food brands who want to create deliveries from their web and mobile properties.
  • Chef-to-table services like Umi Kitchen.
  • Third-party shopping cart plugins like Magento and WooCommerce.

You will most likely not be approved for a production key in these scenarios:

  • You are doing perishable food deliveries from restaurants or grocery stores.
  • You need the courier to purchase the items, rather than just fulfill the delivery.
  • You’re building a copy of or competitor to Postmates.
  • Your use case violates our Terms of Use.

API Brand Guidelines

Thank you for integrating Postmates into your app! We created this document to help communicate our branding guidelines to API partners. The following PDF is a living document, so please check back from time to time for updates.

Download the Postmates API Design Guidelines.

Any questions? Check out the Partner Help Center and select "Developer Inquiry".


The Postmates Brand Assets

Download 1.0MB zip
Postmates Vertical Logo Postmates Horizontal Logo

The Postmates Cyclist Glyph Assets

Download 0.5MB zip
Postmates Cyclist Glyph

The On-Demand Delivery by Postmates Logo

Download 2.2MB zip
Delivery by Postmates Logo On-Demand Delivery By Postmates Logotype

Delivery UI Elements

Download 193KB zip

Delivery Tracking Pins

Pick Up Complete Delivery In Delivery Now

Pickup and Dropoff Markers

Pickup and Dropoff markers

Vehicle Pins

Vehicle Pins