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Client Libraries

Below you'll find a list of client libraries contributed by members of our developer community. If you've written a library and want to share it with us, please tweet at us @PostmatesDev.







Shopping Cart Plugins

For partners and developers building on-demand delivery into their shopping cart checkout flow, here is a list of plugins and extensions you can integrate with.

If you have built a shopping cart plugin and want to share it with us please tweet at us @PostmatesDev.

Approval Guidelines

Once you’ve registered for a developer account, you’ll be put into a queue to be considered for a production API key. Below you’ll find some guidelines for getting approved.

  • Provide accurate app name and contact information.
  • Provide detailed description of what you’re building.
  • Supply estimated delivery volume and markets.
  • Provide valid payment information.

Here are some good use cases for the API:

  • Retail brands with local inventory.
  • Food brands who want to create deliveries from their web and mobile properties.
  • Chef-to-table services like Umi Kitchen.
  • Third-party shopping cart plugins like Magento and WooCommerce.

You will most likely not be approved for a production key in these scenarios:

  • You are doing perishable food deliveries from restaurants or grocery stores.
  • You need the courier to purchase the items, rather than just fulfill the delivery.
  • You’re building a copy of or competitor to Postmates.
  • Your use case violates our Terms of Use.

API Brand Guidelines

Thank you for integrating Postmates into your app!

Any questions? Check out the Partner Help Center and submit a request.


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