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Even without a physical store, Everlane gives customers the option to get it now

When the founder of Everlane set out to build a retail experience unlike any other, brick and mortar stores were not part of the equation. The company’s beautiful basics — from silk tops and cashmere sweaters to leather totes and twill weekenders — are only available online.

Leading the way with 1-hour delivery

By eliminating traditional retail expenses, Everlane is able to pass savings on to the customer. But sometimes regular shipping simply isn’t fast enough. That’s why CEO Michael Preysman wanted to tap into on-demand delivery.

“In 2014, we looked for companies that could fulfill our hope of 1-hour delivery in San Francisco and New York City, and Postmates was the clear partner. It was an easy decision,” said Shweta Joshi, Operations at Everlane.

With dozens of Everlane Now deliveries taking place each day, the service speaks for itself. If you can have pizza or a burrito delivered in minutes, why not clothing? Everlane has proven that the Postmates platform makes this possible.

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