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Need underwear now? MeUndies has you covered

The innovators behind the world’s most comfortable underwear are always looking for ways to make the customer experience even better. One way to do that is by offering expedited shipping, because you never know when you might need a clean pair of trunks.

Offering free shipping wasn’t enough

Whether you forgot a post-workout change of clothes, or you’re traveling last minute, MeUndies is coming to the rescue with affordable 1-hour delivery powered by Postmates.

Not only does this channel provide a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, but speedy delivery also leaves a lasting impression on customers in a bind.

“The Postmates API is magical,” says Dan King, head of marketing at MeUndies. “We already offer free shipping, so for an additional, minor cost, you can get your order in less than an hour. It’s a no brainer.”

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