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mytable delivers home-cooked meals to your door

Growing up in Indiana, mytable founder James Jerlecki was raised on home-cooked meals. His deep connection to delicious food made in mom’s kitchen is the foundation for mytable — getting to know your community through food.

Moving quickly through the city, Postmates delivers quality meals from local chefs

The idea is simple: Tap into the incredible culinary talents of local chefs, and make their homemade meals available to anyone in the city. The mytable team knew instantly that delivery would be key to the business, but they didn’t want to tackle logistics themselves.

“The ease and accessibility of the Postmates API meant that we were able to get mytable up and running very quickly, and we never had to worry about hiring our own drivers,” says Jerlecki. “It would have been impossible to get where we are today without Postmates.”

In 11 short weeks, mytable scaled across greater Los Angeles, enabling local chefs to build their own brands by connecting directly with customers. As mytable launches in new cities, they can rely on a built-in delivery network using the Postmates API.

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