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Post Malone spent $40,000 on Postmates last year

What do you get when you combine a multi-platinum album artist: Post Malone, with the world’s OG delivery app? Postmate Malone.

Whether it’s in the studio or on tour, Postmates has become Posty’s best friend. He ranks as our #1 most dedicated customer: having ordered nearly 3,000 total items, on more than 660 orders, in 52 different cities nationwide.

Of the 289 different merchants that he’s ordered from on Postmates, he goes “psycho” for Popeyes. Who else can proudly say that they’ve postmated $8,000 worth of biscuits to a Coachella party? Postmate Malone can.

This year, Post Malone threw a rager by supplying $850 worth of party supplies in minutes. How does Postmates Malone party?

• 3 packs of rolling papers
• 6 bottles of orange juice
• 2 bottles of cranberry cocktail juice
• 4 bottles of cabernet sauvignon
• 2 bags of ice
• 2 handles of Tito’s Vodka
• 40 solo cups

Think that’s a big tab? It’s only a fraction compared to the $40,000+ Posty has spent on Postmates in the past year.

Everyone knows that in order to love others you must first love yourself. And we think Post Malone qualifies: he tipped one of his Postmates his unreleased CD. Kind of a win: win if you ask us.

When you use Postmates there’s a lot of things to sing about. And, hey, if you need a mariachi band delivered to do it for you — like Rich Brian did for Post Malone to say Congratulations — we got you.

You can tell a lot about a person from their Postmates order history. What would you do with calcium crickets, latex gloves, and $100 of buffalo sauce?

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