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Move over boring subs, there's a new sandwich shop in town. But instead of stoppingin, the sandwich comes to you. Sandwicheros is a virtual restaurant from New Mile Kitchens. They understand that finding a quality sandwich can be tough—especially since most sandwich shops are pretty similar.

Made with the highest-quality cuts of meat and artisan breads, Sandwicheros was created to redefine the typical sandwich experience from various corners of the world. Try the simple, yet unique, “PB & J” made with fresh cashew butter and homemade peach jam.

PB&J Sandwich

Cashew butter, homemade peach jam, country white bread. Vegan.

Or get a little more indulgent with Chinese-Style Pork Belly that's made with whole slab bacon, braised for hours, and then cut into thick slices.

Chinese-Style Pork Belly Sandwich

Hoisin-glazed pork belly, cashew, garlic slaw, mayo, sandwich roll.

Whether you're from Iowa or India, there's something for everyone at Sandwicheros. Their goal is to blow you away with uniquely infused flavors and create an experience that entices you to explore something new. Sandwicheros believes eating should be an adventure. Who's ready?


$2.99 Delivery • 25–40 min

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