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A Piece Of Havana

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Appetizers - Aperitivos

Havana Sampler

A Cuban feast Cuban turnover, homemade tamale, plantains, fried pork chunks, tostones croquettes, and fried yuca.

Baby Back Ribs In a Guava BBQ Sauce

Costillitas a la guayaba. Chef specialty taste de best ribs falling out of the bone with the best unique flavor of a homemade guava BBQ sauce served with mariquitas.

Mariquitas with Avocado Dipping

The specialty of the chef, fresh avocado dipping make with fresh avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lemon juice served with mariquitas.

Cuban Turnovers - Empanadas Cubanas

Homemade empanadas prepared to order. beef, chicken and ham and cheese.

Cuban Favorite - Empanada Platter

Served with 4 empanadas and 4 ham croquettes.

Soups – Sopas

Every Day Grandma Chicken Soup

Made with real cuban sabor.

Daily Soup

Every day a chef creation soup. Please contact the merchant for your daily soup selection.

Salads – Ensaladas

Caesar Salad - Ensalada Caesar


Cuban Salad - Ensalada Estilo Cubano

Mix greens, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, onions served with lemon garlic vinaigrette.

Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon Salad

Mix green, baby spinach, chopped red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber with honey glazed sauce.

Pressed Sandwiches

Cuban Sandwich - Sandwich Cubano

Ham, Swiss cheese, roasted pork, mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.

Pork Sandwich - Pan Con Lechon

Slow cooked pork, pulled and lightly marinated in mojo and sauteed onions.

Milanese Sandwich - Sandwich De Milanese

Breaded steak or chicken breast, topped with ham and cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes.

Steak Sandwich - Pan Con Bistec

Grilled sirloin steak, lettuce, tomatoes, chimichurri, onions and shoestring potatoes.

Skirt Steak Sandwich - Sandwich Churrasco

Grilled Skirt steak, lettuce, tomatoes, chimichurri, onions and crispy shoestring potatoes.

Chicken Sandwich - Sandwich De pollo

Grilled chicken breast with mojo, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

Miami Sandwich

Ham, swiss cheese, roasted pork, ham croquettes, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, mayo, and pickles. House favorite.


Shrimp Scampi Over Pasta

Shrimp sautéed in a lemon, garlic, parsley, and white wine sauce.

Chicken Bacardi Alfredo Pasta

Homemade bacardi alfredo sauce served with a delicious marinated grilled chicken breast.

Havana Classics

Dinner Beef - Carnes

Stewed Shredded Beef - Ropa Vieja

Boiled in its natural juices, shredded, marinated and cooked to perfection with our home tomato sauce.

Crispy Shredded Beef - Vaca Frita

Boiled in its natural juices, seasoned to perfection, grilled until crispy and topped with sauteed onions and our homemade chimichurri sauce.

Milanesa Steak - Bistec a La Milanesa

Served with 8 oz breaded steak marinated, topped with ham, Swiss melted cheese and topped with Spanish creole sauce.

Palomilla Sirloin Steak - Bistec De Palomilla

Served with 8 oz thin sirloin Cuban style cut, pounded, marinated for 12 hrs, grilled and topped with our homemade chimichurri sauce.

Cuban Skirt Steak - Churrasco Cubano

Served with 10 oz skirt steak grilled to order with salt and pepper and served with chimichurri sauce.

Tropical Beef Steak - Bistec Tropical

Served with 10 oz marinated sirloin steak with the chef's own secret seasoning and topped with our homemade chimichurri sauce.

Stewed Oxtail - Rabo Encendido

Oxtail on fire, not a spice but with so much flavor tender oxtail cooked in a zesty creole red wine sauce, this one is the Cuban equivalent to North American barbecue experience, use your fingers when eating the meat ff the bone, served with white rice and red bean soup.

Dinner Chicken - Pollo

Roasted Chicken - Pollo a La Habanera

Half chicken. A house specialty roasted and marinated in a special mojo seasoning and grilled to perfection.

Hemingway Chicken - Pollo Hemingway

Boneless chicken strips rolled with bacon, marinated with our house mojo, salt, and pepper. Cooked with white wine and sliced onions.

Havana Chicken - Pollo a La Plancha

Boneless chicken breast marinated for 12 hrs. Grilled to order and topped with sauteed onions.

Milanesa Chicken - Pollo a La Milanese

Boneless chicken breast breaded, topped with ham, Swiss melted cheese and topped with Spanish Creole sauce.

Dinner Pork - Puerco

Roasted Pork - Lechon Asado

Roast pork marinated for 12 hrs in our special mojo sauce, slow cooked for 4 to 6 hrs, pulled and lightly grilled. Served with sauteed onions.

Mofongo Con Chicharrones De Puerco

Green plantains smashed in a garlic sauce with lean.

Fried Pork Chunks - Masas De Puerco Fritas

Lean pork chunks, slow cooked in special mojo sauce, deep fried and topped with sauteed onions.

Havana Pork - Chuleta De Puerco La Havana

Lean pork tenderloin, marinated in a Cuban mojo sauce, grilled and topped with sauteed onions.

Piece of Havana 5 Star Ribs - Costillas De Puerco a La Habanera

Specially marinated, boiled for tenderness and then grilled for crispiness topped with Cuban style vinaigrette sauce.

Dinner Seafood Dishes - Mariscos

Shrimp In Garlic Sauce - Camarones al Ajillo

Shrimp sauteed in special homemade Cuban sauce with olive oil, white wine, garlic and a touch of parsley.

Seafood Ceviche

Shrimp, fish, seafood cooked in lemon juice with olive oil, salt, and pepper red onions and celery.

Breaded Fish Filet

Served with cilantro sauce stuffed with shrimp and avocado sauce.

Grilled Mahi Mahi Filet - Filete De Pescado Asado

Served with 8 oz filet previously seasoned with Cuban mojo, grilled and topped with sauteed onions.

Whole Fried Snapper - Pargo Frito a Lo Cubano

Marinated, fried and topped with sauteed onions.

Creole Shrimp - Enchilada De Camarones

Shrimp cooked in a creole sauce with green pepper, red pepper, onions and garlic.

Vegetarian Combination


White rice, green beans, mixed vegetables, and plantains.

A Piece of Havana Family Favorites

Parrillada Cubana

This combination is served with white rice, black beans, and plantains. Roasted pork, Havana chicken, and palomilla steak.

Chef Creation - Argentinian Parrillada

Argentinean chorizo, short ribs, morcilla, New York strip, and half grilled chicken, sweet bread all grilled in Argentinean style served with potatoes salad, house salad, and bread. Served for two

Paella Valenciana

Lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops, calamari, fish, onions, three color peppers, and dark beer all mixed with the best seasonings yellow rice.

Paella Cubana

A mix of seafood paradise, Spanish chorizo, onions, bell peppers, ham and chicken cooked with dark beer and mixed in Cuban seasoning yellow rice.

Kids Menu

Havana Fried Chicken Fingers


Palomilla Steak - Bistec De Palomilla


Ham & Chesses Cuban Spaghetti


Side Orders - Acompanantes

White Rice - Arroz Blanco


Black Beans - Frijoles Negros


Fried Yuca - Yuca Frita


Mixed Rice & Beans - Congris


French Fries - Papitas


Cuban Style Green Beans


Plantains - Maduros


Tostones - Tostones


Yellow Rice with Veggies - Arroz Amarillo


Mash Potatoes


Boiled Yuca with Mojo


Cuban Toast


House Refreshments - Bebidas

Natural Shakes

Served with milk or water. Mango, papaya, mamey, guanabana.


Coca-cola products, lemonade, sprite, iced tea and dr. pepper.

Cuban Sodas

Jupina, iron beer, coconut water, malta, and materva.


Apple, cranberry, mango, orange and pineapple.

Bottled Water


Perrier Mineral Water


For Your Perfect Ending - Para Cerrar Su Cena

Cuban Coffee - Cafe Cubano




Cuban Coffee with Steam Milk


Cuban Coffee with Milk

Cafe con leche.

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