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Vegetarian / Salads

16. Vegetarian Combo Plate

Hummus, Eggplant, Tabuleh, Sarma. Falafel and Rice.

17. Falafel Plate


18. The Adana Garden Salad

Carrots. Ripe tomatoes, cucumber, red and yellow, bell peppers, olives on greens.

19. Chopped Salad

Roasted chicken, fresh avocado, crisp bacon bits, feta cheese, ripe tomatoes on fresh greens.

20. Greek Salad

Fresh romaine lettuce with greek olives, red onions, ripe tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese.

21. Caesar Salad

Fresh crisp romaine lettuce tossed with croutons/ with chicken.

22. Tabouli

Chopped parsley green onions, tomato, cracked wheat with olive oil & lemon.

23. Persian Salad

Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onions and herbs with olive oil & lemon dressing.

24. Fattoush Salad

Prepared with fresh verdolagas, tomato, cucumber, radish, herbs and feta cheese, garnished with pita chips and our spicy dressing.

25. Adana Avocado Salad

Prepared slices avocado, chopped onion, and herbs, garlic onion & spicy dressing.

Adana Kabab

31. Beef Shish Kabab

Specially marinated chunks of beef flap meat served with rice.

32. Koobideh Kabab - 2 Skewers

Ground beef mixed with special spices served with rice.

34. Full Hatam - Cornish Hen


35. Chicken Breast Kabab

Boneless chicken breast marinated with our special sauce

36. Chicken Kabab

Boneless chicken marinated with our special sauce

37. Chicken Koobideh Kabab - 2 Skewers

Ground chicken mixed with special spices, served with rice.

38. Combination

Beef, Chicken, Looleh.

39. Baghali Polo

A special mixture of baby lima beans and rice seasoned with fresh dillweed served with chicken kabab.

40. Zereshk Polo

Barberry with saffron rice with chicken kabab.

41. Albaloo Polo

Sour cherry rice with chicken kabab

42. Lamb Chops Kabab - 3 pcs.

Specially marinated chunks of Lamb, skewered and charbroiled served with fluffy rice.

43. Pork Baby Back Ribs

Ground chicken mixed with special spices served with rice.

44. Pan Fried Trout

Trout Fish Filet, pan-fried and finished in the oven and topped with lemon capers sauce.

45. Salmon - Fish Kabab

Broiled cuts of Salmon Filet.

46. ShirinPolo

Orange peel, almond sweet and sour sauce, served with basmati rice & chicken kabab.

47. Chicken Barg

Fillet of chicken breast sliced skewered marinated and broiled.

A La Carta



Beef Lule Kabab


Chicken Lule Kabab


Chicken Thigh Kabab


Chicken Breast Kabab


Beef Shish Kabab


Tomato & Pepper


Rice Only


Lunch & Dinnrer


BBQ Vegetarian Salad

Broiled eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, sauteed & tossed together.


Veggie blend with beets and red beans, potato, pickles, and cabbage.

Dolmeh - 4 pcs.

Grape leaves filled with rice, herbs and spices.

Hummus - Garbanzo bean dip

Garbanzo bean dip - Garbanzo beans, sesame seeds, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and spices.

Yogurt & Cucumber Dip


Yogurt & Shallot Dip


Pickled Vegetables

Mixed pickled carrots, cabbage, celery, cucumbers.

Armenian Eggplant Dip

Barbequed Eggplant, tomatoes, red bell peppers, garlic, olive oil, and spices.


Barbequed eggplant, sesame seeds, tahini, garlic, and spice.

Eggplant Dish - Kashk - E - Bademjan

Fried eggplant in condensed yogurt topped with fried onions and mint.


Blended bell pepper, carrot, garlic, and spice.


28. Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi

A stew of chunks of beef combined with chopped green vegetable and beans w/ mild spice served with rice.

29. Khoresh Bademjan

Eggplant & beef with tomato sauce, split peas, served with rice.


Yogurt Drink




Iced Tea


Hot Tea


Greek Coffee


Mineral Water


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