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25-40 min
1843 1st Ave (NaN mi)
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11:00 AM-10:00 PM
11:00 AM-10:00 PM
11:00 AM-10:00 PM
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Andaman Dumplings

Steamed shrimp and chicken dumplings in chef's siri famous peanut curry sauce.

Siri Dumplings

Steamed shrimp and chicken dumplings in chef's siri citrus infused black soy sauce.

Jeeb Dumplings

Steamed shrimp and chicken dumplings, serve with black soy bean sauce.

Andaman Pearls

Steamed crystal shrimp dumplings.

Bags of Gold

Crispy white meat chicken wontons, plum sauce.

Chicken Curry Puffs

Fried 4 pieces. White meat chicken potato, sweet onions, yellow curry powder in pastry dough, house made cucumber relish.

Shrimp Talay Thai

Light battered tempura shrimp.

Coconut Crusted Shrimp

Fried. Sweet coconut crusted shrimp, wasabi & lime aioli.

Herbal Calamari

Breadcrumbs infused with Thai herbs.

Andaman Duo

Light battered fried shrimp and calamari.

Fisherman's Net

Crispy rice net rolls, blue crab meat and shrimp, sweet chili and garlic sauce.

Crispy Wings

Drizzle with sweet chili sauce.

Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetable Dumplings

Chives & leeks house made dumplings, black soy sauce.

Spring Rolls

Vegetarian crispy spring rolls serves with plum sauce.

Fried Tofu

Fried tofu, chopped peanut, sweet chili garlic sauce.

Leeks & Garlic Cake

Chives & leeks cake, spicy & sweet soy bean sauce.

Edamame & Himalayan Salt

Steamed edamame tossed in Himalayan pink salt.

Peanut Noodles

Siri famous peanut sauce, steamed veggies, rice noodles.

Corn Fritters

Sweet corn battered, sweet chili & garlic sauce.

Harvest Curry Puffs

4 pieces. Sweet corn, pumpkin, potato, carrots, sweet peas, sweet onions, yellow curry powder stuffed in pastry dough, cucumber relish.


Papaya Salad

Shredded green papaya, carrots, tomato, string beans, peanuts tossed with sweet lime dressing. Served spicy.

Fish Entrees

Fillet Wild Alaskan Salmon

Seared. Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Fillet Flounder

Fried or sauteed. serve with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Thai Mango Salmon


Sauteed Entrees

Traditional Style Basil Sauce Over Rice

Thai basil,onions, garlic, green chili peppres.

Chef's Recommendations


Ground white meat chicken, shallots, mint and roasted jasmine rice powder tossed in chef's traditional Thai lime dressing.

Roasted Duck Curry

House roasted duck, coconut red curry, pineapple, tomato, Thai basil and bell peppers .Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Duck Chu Chee

Spicy. House marinated roasted duck, red curry reduction, steamed seasonal vegetables. Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Tamarind Duck

House marinated roasted duck drizzled with Siri's special tamarind sauce, seasonal steamed vegetables, fried shallots. served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Shrimp Pineapple Curry

Shrimp, pineapple, basil bell pepper, and red curry. Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Cha Cha Flounder

Crispy or steamed fillet flounder red curry reduction Thai herb & Thai basil, bamboo shoots, carrots, bell peppers. Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Volcano Chicken

Crispy white meat chicken, spicy & sweet volcano sauce. Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Rang Nok

Fried. Crispy white meat chicken, cashew nuts, pineapple carrots, onions, scallions, bell pepper, mushrooms, Thai chili paste. Served with a complimentary jasmine rice.

Mocking Bird's Nest

Crispy mock duck soy or tofu, cashew nuts, pineapple, carrots, onions, scallions, bell peppers, mushrooms, Thai chili paste.

Mahi Mahi Fish Soi

Steam mahi-mahi 7oz with steam egg noodle, lime wedge preserved cabbage, sliced shallot, chilly paste & yellow curry.

Andaman Fried Rice

Thai fried rice with eggs, onions, carrots, shrimp, calamari, baby scallop.

Side Dishes

Jasmine Rice


Brown Rice


Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice


Steamed Seasonal Vegetable


Cucumber Salad

Cucumber, red cabbage carrots, sweet vinaigrette.

Roti Bread

Peanut sauce on side.

Peanut Sauce


Steamed Rice Noodle


Dipping Sauce

Sweet chili & garlic, lime & cilantro, sriracha aioli, wasabi & lime aioli, plum, sweet vinaigrette, black soy bean sauce.


Thai Iced Tea

Sweet Thai tea served with your choice of cream or no cream.

Thai Iced Coffee

Sweet Thai coffee served with choice of cream or no cream.

Poland Springs Water


San Pellegrino





Mango & Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice

Thailand's famous desert, made with organic palm sugar.

Banana Mama

Banana wrapped in rice paper, crispy fried drizzled with pure local honey.

Lunch Special

Lunch Special


Lunch Sauteed

Seared Fillet Salmon


Fillet Flounder


Fried Rice

Kao Pad


Tropical Fried Rice


Basil Fried Rice


Curry Fried Rice


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