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Calamari Fritti Rings


Baked Garlic Shrimp


Mozzarella Sticks


Garlic Bread

Served with four pieces.


Cream Corn Soup



Mesclun Pietro Green Salad


Half Pietro Green Salad


Garden Salad

Mesclun, cucumber, cherry tomato, mushroom and broccoli.

Healthy Tofu Salad

Mesclun, broccoli, cucumber, cherry tomato, tofu and nori.

Raw Potato Salad


Pietro Rainbow Salad

Layered with raw potato, green leaf lettuce, carrots and daikon with bell pepper rings on the side.

Oriental Chicken Salad

Chicken, broccoli, carrots, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, kaiware, wonton strips, tossed in a creamy dressing.


Create Your Own Pizza


Original Pizza

Gourmet Mix Mushroom

mushrooms, shiitake-mushrooms, enoki-mushrooms.

Meat Lover's Pizza

pepperoni, bacon, spicy ground beef and sausage.

Pietro Favorites (Pasta)

Chicken & Mushroom


Chicken & Broccoli


Chicken & Bacon


Spinach & Mushroom


Spinach & Bacon


Spinach & Chicken


Shrimp & Mushroom


Shrimp & Bacon


Sausage & Mushroom


Mushroom & Bacon


Special Pastas

Tomato Sauce


Original meat sauce

Eggplant & Spicy Ground Beef

Garnished with asparagus in tomato and garlic oil sauce.


Sicilian style seafood consists of shrimp, scallops, calamari rings and mussels.

Cream Sauce


Asparagus, bacon, onions, mushroom and broccoli with rich cream sauce.

Shrimp & Shiitake Mushroom

Carbonara sauce, shrimp, shiitake, enoki, button mushrooms, onions and broccoli.

Pork and Eryngii Spicy Cream Sauce

Eryngii mushroom, onions and spicy pork in a garlic cream sauce topped with fried onions & garlic chips

Basil Sauce

The Original Genovese

Eggplant, mushroom, broccoli, asparagus, potato, bacon and tomato in a basil cream sauce.

Salmon & Spinach Basil Cream

Salmon, fresh spinach, mushroom, onions and tomato in a basil cream sauce.

Seafood Genovese

Clams, shrimp, scallops andf squid tossed in a garlic pesto sauce.

Garlic Oil Sauce

Clam Peperoncini

Fresh clams, broccoli and calamari rings poached in seasoned white wine, flavored in a spicy shoyu and garlic sauce.


Bacon, eggplant, green bellpepper, red bellpepper, yellow bellpepper in a shoyu garlic sauce

Short Pastas

Eggplant Penne Arrabbiata

Penne pasta with onions, bacon and eggplant in a spicy tomato and garlic oil.

Mushroom & Bacon with Gorgonzola Sauce, Penne

Penne pasta with mushroom, bacon, onions in a gorgonzola cream sauce.

Shrimp & Avocado Penne In a Walnut Cream Sauce

Shrimp, avocado tossed in a walnut anchovy cream sauce.

Japanese Sauce


Salted cod fish eggs.

Tarako & Ika

Salted cod fish eggs with ika.

Natto & Bacon

Fermented soybeans and bacon.

Fresh Mixed Mushrooms

Shiitake, enoki, button mushrooms and broccoli.

Seafood Pietro Style

Shrimp, scallop, tako, squid and ikura in a light shoyu butter sauce.

Seafood Peperoncini Wasabi Sauce

Shrimp, scallop and salmon in wasabi garlic oil sauce.

Takana & Bacon Pasta

Pickled mustard cabbage and bacon in a shoyu sauce topped with nori.

Chicken & Eryngii Mushroom Yuzu-Kosho Sauce

Chicken, eryngii mushroom and lettuce tossed in a yuzu pepper butter sauce.

Gratins & Dorias (Baked Dishes)

Meat Sauce & Eggplant Gratin


Mixed Mushroom Doria

Seasoned rice, mushrooms, shiitake-mushrooms, enoki-mushrooms, broccoli and bacon topped with mozzarella cheese.

Shrimp Mushroom Doria

Seasoned rice, shrimp, mushrooms in a cream sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.

Sample Combinations

Pepperoni, Mushroom & Olive


Chicken, Asparagus & Garlic Chips


Shrimp, Spinach & Garlic Chips


Kids Menu

Kids Bolognese

Meat sauce spaghetti (includes small soft drink).

Kids Cheese Pizza

Half serving of a regular pizza (includes small soft drink).

Prix Fixe Menu

3 Course Menu

Salad:- Garden salad. Pasta:- seafood genovese, seafood pietro style, eggplant and spicy ground beef, pork and eryngii spicy cream sauce. Dessert:- Ice cream.

Angelo Pietro Dressings

Angelo Pietro Dressings



Perrier (Sparkling Water)




Iced Tea


Plantation Iced Tea


Tropical Punch


Fruit Punch


Orange Juice


Pineapple Juice




Hot Drinks

Pietro Blend Coffee


Decaffeinated Coffee




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