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1. Thai Rolls

Poh peah tod. Crunchy delicious spring rolls prepared with chicken and vegetables, served with homemade sweet and sour sauce. 2 pcs.

2. Fresh Rolls

Soft thin rice paper wrapped with shrimps, noodles, and vegetables, served with house special brown sauce. 2 pcs.

3. Rolling Shrimp

Koong gra bok. Marinated large shrimp rolled in egg roll skin, deep fried and served with sweet and sour chili sauce. 4 pcs.

4. Satay

Tender strips of marinated meat on skewers, grilled and served with peanut sauce and sweet and sour cucumber sauce. 5 pcs.

5. Thai Fish Cakes

Tod mun pla. Minced fish with spices and herbs, fried until golden brown, served with cucumber chili sauce. 4 pcs.

6. Golden Triangle

Tofu tod. Deep fried fresh tofu and served with sweet chili peanut.

7. Angel Wings

Peak ka. Chicken wings stuffed with water chestnuts, minced chicken, and clear noodles, served, with sweet and sour sauce.

8. Fried Calamari

Pla muk tod. Marinated squid, deep fried served with Thai sweet chili sauce.

9. Mee Krob

Crispy noodles blended with chicken bits in special sweet and sour sauce, served with lettuce.

10. Tulip Dumplings

Ka nom jeb. Dumplings with ground shrimp, chicken and water chestnuts, served with ginger soy sauce. 5 pcs.


11. Gulf Fish Man Soup

Poh taek. Seafood combination with lemon grass, fresh ginger, mushroom, chili and lemon juice.

12. Lemon Grass Soup

Tom yum.Thai famous hot and sour soup, spiced with herbs and mushroom.

13. Coconut Soup

Tom kha. A mild coconut cream soup flavored with galangal, lemongrass, mushroom and lime leaves.

14. Vegetable Soup

Gaeng jerd. Clear soup with napa, green onions, celery and mushroom.

15. Silver Noodle Soup

Gaeng jerd woon sen. Clear broth with bean noodles, mushrooms, scallions, celery and napa.


16. Thai Salad

A combination of vegetables and fried tofu, topped with peanut dressing.

17. Seafood Salad

Yum ta lay. Shrimp, scallops and squid, marinated with onion, lemon grass, chili and lime juice.

18. Beef Salad

Nua nam tuk. Sliced grilled beef with red onions, coriander and Thai herbs dressing, served with lettuce.

19. Nam Sod

Chopped pork with shredded ginger, peanuts, onions, chili and Thai special dressing.

20. Noodle Salad

Yum sai roong. Bean thread noodles, carrots, mushrooms, onions and chili lime sauce.

21. Phla Nuea

Sliced grilled beef with lemon grass, onions, tomato and cucumber in lime dressing.


38. Thai Noodle

Pud thai. Famous Thai noodle, sauteed with egg, been sprouts, green onion and ground roasted peanuts.

39. Street Noodle

Pud see ew. Fresh, soft, flat rice noodle pan fried with broccoli egg and special black soy.

40. Basil Noodle

Pud kee mao. Fresh rice noodles, stir fried vegetables, tomato and fresh basil in dark brown sauce.

41. Silver Noodle

Pud woon sen. Served with jasmine rice. Clear bean noodles, stir fried with vegetables in a light sauce.

42. House Noodle

Koi teow. Our fresh, wide rice noodles stir fried with a special light soy sauce, egg, onion and bean sprouts. Sprinkled with ground peanuts.

Fried Rice

43. Thai Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir fried with egg, onions, peas and carrots.

44. House Special Pineapple Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir fried with egg, pineapple, cashew, raisins, and onions in Thai spices.

45. Curry Fried Rice Thai Style

Jasmine rice stir fried with yellow curry spice, egg, onions, peas and carrots.

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Import from Thailand.


22. Gaeng Dang

Spicy red curry in coconut cream sauce with green peas, string beans, bamboo shoots, chili and basil leaves. Served with steamed jasmine rice.

23. Gaeng Panang

Spicy panang curry in coconut gravy with lime leaves and sweet basil.

24. Gaeng Massaman

Spicy curry with potatoes peanuts, onion and coconut milk.

25. Gaeng Keow Wan

Spicy green curry with coconut cream, bamboo, green beans and basil leaves.

Stir Fried Entrees

26. Garlic Pepper

Gra tiem prig thai. Sauteed with ground pepper and fresh minced garlic.

27. Basil

Pud gra pow. Fresh chili bell pepper, basil leaves and onions, stir fried with the above choice. Meat will be chopped.

28. Red Curry Paste

Pud prik khing. Stir fried with spicy curry paste, string been and basil leaves.

29. Yellow Curry

Pud Pong gra ree. Stir fried celery, onion baby corn and mushrooms with yellow curry spice.

30. Cashew

Pud met ma muang. Sauteed with cashew nuts, mushroom, onions and celery in special brown sauce.

31. Oyster Sauce

Pud nam mun hoy. Stir-fried with mushrooms, baby com and onions in brown oyster sauce.

32. Chili Bell Pepper

Pud prig sod. Stir fried chili bell pepper, young com, onion and mushroom in light soy sauce.

33. Broccoli

Pud khana. Stir fried with broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn and carrots.

34. Mixed Vegetables

Pud puk ruam mit. Stir fried with fresh mixed vegetables in light brown sauce.

35. Peanut Sauce

Pra rarm long song. Stir fried with special peanut sauce and topped on a bed of steamed spinach.

36. Fresh Ginger

Pud khing sod. Shredded ginger, sauteed with mushrooms, onions, baby corn, carrots and celery.

37. Sweet & Sour

Pud preaw wan. Stir fried with cucumber, onions, bell pepper, pineapple and tomato in fresh made sweet and sour sauce.

Chef`s Specialties

SP.1 Shrimp & Scallops Chu Chee

Jumbo shrimps and scallops topped with spicy rich coconut curry sauce flavored with basil and lime leaves.

SP.2 Pu Nim Scampi

Crispy soft-shell crabs topped with fresh minced cilantro garlic sauce.

SP.3 Seafood Combo with Ginger

Shrimp, scallops and squid topped with vegetables and ginger sauce.

SP.4 Prig Khing Koong Yang

Grilled jumbo shrimps topped with green beans, bell pepper and basil leaves in a red spicy prik khing curry paste.

SP.5 Ped Gra Pow

Sliced, boneless duck sauteed with sweet basil and garlic in Thai-style brown sauce.

Sp.6 Cashew Duck

Sliced, boneless duck stir fried with cashew nuts, vegetables and crispy, mid chili peppers.

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