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Per pound. A traditional Vienesse strudle dating from 1696 that's like no apple strudel you've ever had before. We hand-stretch the dough until it's nearly transparent, brush it with butter then fill it with apples, raisins, cinnamon and sugar. It's rolled using a floured canvas sheet, cut to length and baked to give it a crispy exterior and a delicious soft interior. To finish, we top it with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Authentic Bavarian Pretzels

Authentic Bavarian Pretzels

Our oktoberfest pretzels were such a hit, we decided to make them a year-round item. They're available in the store every day.

Swedish Pastry & Bread

Andersonville Coffee Cake

Rich yeast dough laced with fresh milled cardamom, filled with almond paste, topped with slivered almonds and pearl sugar we import from Sweden, of course.

Cardamom Coffee Cake

We use the same yeast dough laced with cardamom as the Andersonville coffee cake, but here there is no filling. We braid the dough together and top it with crystal sugar.

Authentic Stockholm Limpa

Per loaf. A Swedish rye loaf sweetened with molasses and flavoured with fresh ground fennel. Made with fresh buttermilk for added richness. We bake the loaves together to achieve soft sided loaves. Excellent toasted, be sure to get it sliced!


Also known as "Semla", they are rich yeasted dough rounded and baked. Once baked we split the top, pipe on loads of sweetened whipped cream and insert a piece of almond paste. Made only during lent, fat Tuesday to easter Sunday.

Princess Torte

Three layers of golden hot milk-style sponge cake, filled with raspberry jam and lemon curd, each filling topped with generous amounts of crème mousseline, a blend of vanilla bean custard and whipping crème. Iced all over with sweetened cream and topped with a layer of marzipan.

Forsberg Limpa

Per loaf. A recipe passed on to us years ago by birger forsberg of forsberg’s bakery in rockford, illinois. Lighter on rye flour than standard limpa, sweetend with honey and laced with diced, candied orange peel and fresh cracked fennel seed. Excellent toasted!

Mazariner Almond Tart

A short pastry crust filled with almond butter paste and just a spot of raspberry jam, topped with sugar glaze.


Iced Cupcakes

Our classic iced cupcake. A 2 inch wide cupcake in either yellow or chocolate that is frosted with butter cream or our fudge icing. Usually topped with sprinkles, or whatever is appropriate for the season. If you need more than a dozen though, it's best to call and order ahead. Every color of sprinkle is available for special orders, and we also have "Happy birthday!" picks.

Flower Power Cupcakes & Pupcakes

The same 2 inch chocolate or yellow cake as our regular iced cupcakes, but dressed up with icing decorations. Our flower power cupcakes are available in any color you'd like. Our pupcakes are topped with chocolate butter cream, then decorated with fudge and buttercream icing. For larger amounts it's still best to call ahead and order.

Carrot Cake Cupcake

A 3 inch cupcake version of our carrot cake. This one is topped just with sweetened cream cheese icing, then decorated with a butter cream carrot. Enough for two people, but way too good to share, carrot cake cupcakes are in the store every day.

Red Velvet Cupcake

No matter how many we make, we always sell out. A 3 inch moist, rich red velvet cake topped with sweet cream cheese icing and red velvet cake crumbs. We put a new batch in the store every day, and they're always gone by closing, so come early or call ahead and order one (or a dozen). And worth every last penny.

King Cakes

#1 King Cake

Bennison's bakery offers pithivier (or galette des rois). Layers of puff pastry filled with almond frangipane (a sweet almond paste), glazed with sugar and topped with a crown. Each pithivier is baked with a tiny baby trinket inside, and tradition states that whoever finds the baby in their slice is supposed to bring the pithivier the next year.

#2 King Cake

New Orleans has a decades-old tradition of shipping literally hundreds of thousands of king cakes worldwide to customers who love this unique bakery item bennison's want you to enjoy a king cake.

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