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Milk Tea

Classic Black

Served with our signature black tea.

Jasmine Green

Served with bright and floral Jasmine green tea.

Hong Kong Style

Served with our blend of black tea with organic condensed milk.


Served with cold 16 oz housemade with rice milk & cinnamon. Contains Dairy.

Thai Tea

Served with cold 16 oz sweet, creamy, and rich. With organic condensed milk.

Coffee Milk Tea

Served with classic milk tea meets parlor coffee cold brew.

Matcha Latte

Served with premium-grade organic Japanese green tea with your choice of milk. Sweetned with organic honey and homemade syrup.

Premium Tea

Lychee Green

Served with Blend of lychee fruit and fragrant green tea.

Coconut Green

Served with tropical blend of coconut and tea.

Rose Black

Served with aromatic young rosebuds blended with black tea.


Served with black tea with a perfect balance of spice and ginger.

Earl Grey

Served with black tea with zesty bergamot.

Chamomile Mint

Served with soothing mix of chamomile, lemongrass, and mint. Caffeine-free.

Muscat Oolong

Served with smooth oolong tea balanced perfectly with the fruit flavor of the muscat grapes.


Served with roasty green tea. Low in caffeine.

Decaf Black

Served with a full-bodied black tea without the kick of caffeine.

Lavender Black

Floral lavender blend with our decaf black tea

Specialty Drinks

Dirty Horchata

Served with cold 16oz housemade rice milk and cinnamon a double shot of parlor coffee espresso. Contains Dairy. Only served as an iced drink.

Strawberry Matcha Latte

Served with cold 16oz best of both worlds. sweet with a kick of matcha. Only served as an iced drink.

Strawberry Jasmine Tea Fresca

Served with cold 16oz housemade strawberry puree with floral jasmine green tea. Only served as an iced drink.

Strawberry Cali-pico

Served with cold 16oz just like your childhood favorite drink. Only served as an iced drink.

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