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Canh Chua Soup

soup of jumbo shrimp in tamarind broth with tomatoes, okra, lotus steam, culantro ngo gai herbs.

Canh Rau Soup

Buddhist sweet & sour soup with tofu tomatoes, lotus root & rice paddy herbs.


Goi Sen Salad

Lotus stem with prawn cucumbers, tomatoes & roasted peanuts, shrimp crackers, basil - tamarind dressing.

Salach Tron Salad

Mixed vegetable salad with tofu, lychee, mango, asian pears, tomatoes & cucumber tossed in sesame soy vinaigrette.

Goi Bo Salad

Watercress beef salad, tomatoes, onion, sweet rice vinaigrette.

Goi Ga Salad

Savoy cabbage chicken salad, sweet onion, caramelized shallots in cilantro - citrus dressing.

Goi Du Du Salad

Green papaya salad rau ram herb, garlic, basil & roasted peanut.

Assorted Rolls

Cha Gio Roll

Crispy packets stuffed with sweet shrimp, maine crab meat shiitake mushroom & jicama, carrot-lime sauce.

Cuon Cua Roll

Rice paper rolls filled with jumbo lump crab meat arugula, avocado and crispy tofu skin, black-berry curry sauce.

Tom Cuon Roll

Rice paper rolls of grilled prawn with vermicelli, lettuce, & mint; chili-peanut sauce.

Cuon Rau Roll

Vegetable rolls filled with silken tofu, mushroom, jicama, carrot & cabbage, soy-lime sauce.

Cuon Vit Roll

Smoked duck black rice rolls shiso leaves, cherries, avocado, honey-hoisin dipping sauce.


Rau Xao

Lightly sauteed veggie black & white mushroom, zucchini and bell pepper in thinh basil sauce.

Ca Tim Nuong

Grilled asian eggplant in scallion aioli, ginger-lemon sauce.


Black sticky rice.

Mi Chua

Temple delight veggie noodles tofu, napa, mushroom, fried shallots.

Bap Cai

Stir-fry cabbage with mushrooms, baby garlic & leeks.

Tofu Chien

Fried silken tofu with plum sauce.


Jasmine rice.


La Lot

Bbq shrimp rolls wrapped in hawaiian pepper leaves turmeric rice noodles in peanut sauce, topped with fresh kaffir lime leaves.

Cha Ca

Grilled filet of catfish with dill-turmeric essence, roasted peanut, rice vermicelli, chili-sweet onion sauce.

Ca Xa

Filet of tilapia saffron, bok choy, lemongrass-tamarind sauce.

Mien Cua

Crab meat spicy bean thread noodles beech mushroom, cilantro.

Ca Chien

Pan seared filet of halibut julienned mango in vietnamese bird pepper garlic sauce.

Ca Boi

Filet of sea bass lightly dusted in curry powder, braised in parsley apple chutney, sits on a bed of onions & asian celery, cashew nuts.

Mi Xao

Wheat noodles with prawn, chicken mushroom, asian basil, fried shallots & vegetables.


Bun Thit Nuong

Grilled bbq lemongrass pork over rice vermicelli, mixed lettuce, roasted peanuts.

Bo Nuong Vi

Grilled spicy beef over rice noodles, lettuce, peanut-mint sauce.

Suon Nuong

Grilled boneless pork chop marinated in 5 spices, chili-lemon sauce.

Bo Lui

Grilled rolls of marinated beef with angel hair noodles, lettuce, roasted peanuts, chili-lime sauce.

Bo Luc Lac

Shaken cubed beef over mixed green, celery, tomatoes, garlic.

Mien Bo

Stir-fry beef with sesame glass noodles carrots, bok choy, basil.


Ca Ri Ga

Chicken in curry sauce sweet yam & asian basil.

Ga Nuong

Grilled blueberry chicken pallaird, frisee, oregano-peach sauce.

Ga Me

Chicken black sesame sauce yellow squash, kaffir lime leaves.

Broth Noodles

Pho Bo

Rice noodles rare beef pho green onion, asian basil & coriander.

Bun Rieu

Southern vietnamese seafood soup over rice noodles, shrimp, crab meat in tomatoes broth & peanuts.


Sweet Basil Seed Tapioca

Served with pomegranate molasses and mango chutney lemongrass flan, caramelized pomelos.

Toasted Sesame Sundae

Sesame ice cream by ll laboratorio del gelato.

Tamarind Cake

Served with red papaya, dulce de leche ice cream.

Jackfruit Toffee Pudding

Served with vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Banana Cake

Served with dulce de leche ice cream.

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