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Handrolled Waterboiled Bagels

Our Handrolled Kettleboiled Bagels

Plain, sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, rye with seeds, everything, cinnamon raisin, egg, multi-grain, whole wheat, whole wheat everything, whole wheat oats & raisins, whole wheat sesame, pumpernickel & salt.

One Dozen Bagels

Get 2 free.

Bialy & Kaiser Roll


Mini Bagel

All flavors except onion, salt, & garlic.

Coffee Bar

Breakfast Blend Coffee

Light roast. Decaf also available.

Sumatra Roast

Medium roast. Decaf also available.

Hazelnut Coffee


TAZO Gourmet Tea


Lipton Tea

Decaf tea also available.

Cafe Americano

Hot water with espresso.


Espresso with a drop of foam.

Red Eye

Coffee with espresso.

Chai Latte




Cafe Latte



Espresso with chocolate



Hot Chocolate With Steamed Whole Milk


Iced Coffee Bar

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

Our iced coffee is meticulously slow brewed overnight for a higher quality taste and experience. Also available in decaf & hazelnut.

Homebrewed Iced Tea


Iced Cappuccino


Iced Latte


Iced Chai Latte


Iced Espresso


Iced Mochaccino


Espresso Shot Added To Any Hot

Per shot.

Cold Beverage

Per shot.

Hot Apple Cider


From Our Bakery



Cinnamon Bun


Apple Turnover




Chocolate Croissant


Cheese Danish


Mini Muffin


Mini Croissant


White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie


Chocolate Chip Cookie


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie


Rich Triple Chocolate Brownie


Breakfast From Our Grill & Oatmeal

Breakfast From Our Grill


Egg Whites, 2 Eggs


3 Egg Omelettes



3 Cheese

Parmesan, swiss & cheddar.


The mild salsa added upon request.


Ham, onions, bell peppers.


Feta cheese, tomato, onions, bell peppers.


Feta cheese, baby spinach.

Smoked Salmon

Served with onions.


Home Fries


Challah French Toast


Whole Wheat


Buttermilk Pancakes


Homemade Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal

Made with organic steel cut oats, cinnamon, butter, optional brown sugar. Toppings $1.05 granola, raisins, walnuts, cranberries, mixed granola, raisins, walnuts, strawberries, blueberries.


Butter & Grape, Strawberry Jelly


Butter & Grape, Strawberry Jelly


Plain Cream Cheese


Cream Cheese & Grape, Strawberry Jelly


Flavored Cream Cheese

Vegetable, scallion, cinnamon walnut raisin, baby dill, pumpkin seasonal, Diavolo chipotle, jalapeno asiago, strawberry, blueberry, apple cinnamon, pimento olive, sundried tomato, bacon scallion, and garlic & herb.

Low-Fat Plain Cream Cheese


Low-Fat Flavored Cream Cheese

Vegetable, scallion & cucumber dill.



Vegetable Tofu


Cinnamon Walnut Raisin Tofu


Norwegian Salmon Lox Spread




Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter & Jelly


Our Soups


Please contact merchant for soup selection.

Smoked Fish

Norwegian Smoked Salmon

Served with plain cream cheese.

Whitefish Salad


Grilled Flatbread Panini

Pesto Panini - Italian

Grilled chicken, roasted red tomato, muenster cheese & pesto.

Oliva Panini - Greek

Grilled chicken, roasted red tomato, feta cheese, and olive spread.

Verde Panini - Vegetarian

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, red & yellow bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, roasted red tomato & pesto.

Spezia Panini - Southwest

Grilled chicken, bell peppers, cheddar cheese & guacamole

Turkey Club Panini

Boar's head oven-roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, Swiss cheese, roasted red tomato & honey mustard

Turkey Cuban Panini

Boar's Head oven-roasted turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles & a garlic butter. Cape cod reduced fat potato chips and pickles included

Create-Your-Own Garden Salads

Create-Your-Own Garden Salad 1


Create-Your-Own Garden Salad 2


Sandwiches & Pasta Salads

Pasta Salad

Whole Wheat Pasta Salad

Whole wheat rotini pasta with cucumbers, roasted red tomatoes, parmesan cheese & an Italian dressing.

Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Farfalle pasta with chicken roasted red peppers & a pesto sauce.

Specialty Wraps

Southwest Chicken Wrap

Romaine lettuce has avocado, roasted peppers & cheddar cheese in a black bean wrap.

Turkey Club Wrap

Oven-roasted turkey, bacon, has avocado, romaine, tomato & a herb mayo in a sundried tomato wrap.

Chicken Ceasar Wrap

Romaine lettuce, roasted peppers, parmesan cheese & caesar with egg dressing in a caesar wrap.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Romaine lettuce, tomato, carrot, celery, blue cheese & chipotle mayo in a southwestern wrap.

Morrocan Chicken Wrap

Spicy chicken, romaine lettuce, hummus, & sundried tomato in a whole wheat wrap.

Mykonos Wrap

Roast beef, Greek tzatziki sauce, romaine lettuce, tomatoes & white onions in a spinach wrap.

Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Wrap

Teriyaki chicken, pineapple, romaine lettuce, & an orange mandarin ginger dressing in a whole wheat wrap. All wraps come with cape cod reduced fat chips & pickles.


Egg Salad Sandwich


Chicken Salad Sandwich


Tuna Salad Sandwich


Italian Tuna Salad Sandwich

Made with EVOO.

Shrimp Salad Sandwich


Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Chicken Cutlet Sandwich


BLT Sandwich

Bacon, lettuce & tomato.

Boars Head Cold Cut Sandwich

Roast beef, ham, genoa salami, oven roasted turkey & honey maple turkey.

Cheese Sandwich

Swiss, muenster, American or cheddar

Whitefish Sandwich



Onions, Tomato, Lettuce & Capers




Roasted red tomatoes & peppers



Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice


Tropicana Orange Juice Bottle


Snacks & Desserts

Mixed Fruit Salad






Low Fat Strawberry & Granola Yogurt Parfait


Low Fat Blueberry & Granola Yogurt Parfait


Greek Yogurt, Honey & Walnuts


Rice Pudding

Proudly serving Kozy shack.


Dirty Chips

Jalapeno heat, honey mustard, mesquite bbq, salt & vinegar, lightly salted, cracked pepper & sea salt, Maui onion, sour cream & onion, roasted garlic & herb.


Tomato basil, cheddar, sea salt, apple cinnamon.

Glenny's Soy Crisps

Organic sea salt, bbq, caramel, lightly salted, onion & garlic, apple cinnamon, cheddar, creamy ranch.

Pirate's Booty

Aged white cheddar.

Pennysticks Pretzels


Spud Delites

Texas bbq, sour cream & onion, sea salt.

Crispy Delites


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