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Craft Gelato (cups & min pints)

Deep Dark Chocolate [6 oz or mini pint]

Raaka - 71% virgin chocolate from the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Unroasted, stoneground cocoa beans present a totally unique flavor profile. It is deep, dark, and raw, but not bitter! We work this amazing chocolate in our 100% grass-fed milk to create an unforgettable chocolate experience.

Mint Chip Classic [6 oz or mini pint]

It delivers a blast of freshness, with a creamy texture and elegantly drizzled chocolate chip. Not to be missed. (100% grass-fed milk, organic peppermint essential oil, and raaka 71% virgin chocolate).

Redeye Coffee [6 oz or mini pint]

6 oz. Redeye (cold brew coffee and espresso caramel). This coffee flavor is stunning! We make a very rich tasting gelato with a unique cold-brew coffee by local Jersey City high-end coffee roaster Modcup. And then, to make things more interesting, we swirl in some caramel made with a homemade espresso coffee extract.

Black Label Vanilla [6 oz or mini pint] (alc)

6 oz. black label vanilla (alcohol infused with johnny walker black and vanilla). We start with our amazing 100% grass-fed milk, and real Madagascar vanilla beans (you can see the beans as dots in your gelato!) a dash of black label JW ads complexity with hints of oak and smoke. Our signature black label vanilla is an excellent accompaniment to cakes, pies, and more.

Bucket & Bay Vanilla [6 oz or mini pint]

6 oz. bucket and bay vanilla is made with the full vanilla bean (not a vanilla extract). The gelato is aged with the vanilla for at least 24 hours to infuse all the flavors in the gelato. Smooth and floral, this is the best vanilla we have ever tasted! Made with 100% grass-fed milk.

Rose Latte Gelato [6 oz or mini pint]

6 oz rose latte. Elegant! The interplay between the highest grade dry rose petals and 100% grass-fed milk elevates this unique flavor. Traveling through china years ago, we shared a pot of rose petal tea with milk. Ever since, we have been obsessed with the delicate aroma of the rose flowers. And since many of our customers come looking for it day after day, it has been a staple and one of our signature flavors since the very beginning.

Flat Cones = Gluten-Free Pizzelles (x5)

Try our crunchy, gluten-free, pizzelles (flat cones)! Our scoopista team handcrafts the best crunchy pizzelles. A perfect accompaniment for any gelato! You can also make a little gelato sandwich using the pizzelles! (and yes, we know some of you like to the crunch with your morning coffee too). Delivered with 5 in a bag.

Groceries from our Farm

Pasture Raised Eggs

One dozen fresh, pasture-raised eggs.

1/2 Gallon Organic 100% Grass Fed Milk

The only milk available in Jersey city and Hoboken that is 100% grass-fed, organic, vat-pasteurized, and non-homogenized. Local.

Baked Goods

Brownie (GF)

Fudgy-yummy Chocolate-ness! Added bonus: Gluten Free!!

Amazing Cookies (Gluten Free!)

Chocolate Chip, Almond, or Coco Peacan

Party Pack

Rainbow Sprinkles (Dye Free, Natural)

2 oz pack

Birthday Candles

20 candles in a pack

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