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Bunz Gourmet Burgers

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655 W 7th St (NaN mi)
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Juicy Gourmet Burgers

The Golden Chicken Burger

A crispy chicken burger cloaked with the secret golden sauce topped with grilled onions and mozzarella cheese.

The After 5 Burger

Sauteed green cabbage seasoned grilled onions on top of our juicy patty stuffed with bleu cheese.

The Curried Chicken Burger

Curry spice and grilled onions flavored with a hint of coconut.

The Chili Cheese Ham Dog

Double patties topped with grilled all beef hotdog crispy beer battered onion rings filled with our homemade chili and topped with tangy nacho cheese.

The Grilled Meatloaf Burger

This meatloaf burger can be enjoyed with beef, chicken or turkey with bell peppers, red onions and sweet meatloaf sauce topped with cheddar cheese.

The Green Chili Dream Burger

Spicy green chili, grilled onions stuffed with ranchero cheese topped with pepper jack.

The Italian Stallion Burger

Pepperoni, sauteed mushrooms, mozzarella cheese topped with a sweet marinara.

The Bun Shroom Burger

Sauteed mushrooms, succulent gravy, grilled red onions and Swiss cheese.

The Prup N Blue Burger

Sauteed purple cabbage, seasoned grilled onions on top of our juicy patty stuffed with bleu cheese.

The Chopper Burger

Any one of our juicy patties chopped and cooked in our house saute with mushrooms season grilled onions and your choice of cheese.

The Chipotle Tuna Melt Burger

Bunz smoked tuna crisp lettuce and juicy tomato topped with pepper jack cheese.

El Nacho Burger

Seasoned grilled onions and jalapenos and a crisp tortilla shell topped with tangy nacho cheese.

The BBQ Bleu Rings Burger

Juicy double patties topped with crispy beer battered onion rings filled with bleu cheese topped with cheddar cheese.

The Big N' Sloppy Burger

Tasty chili, Swiss and cheddar cheese with grilled red onions.

The Big Simple Burger

A simple juicy burger with lettuce, tomatoes and onions with fries and drink.

The Big Texas Burger

Savory Applewood bacon, beer battered onion rings with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese.

The Cali Cheesesteak Burger

Tender sliced steak, grilled red onions, bell peppers and Swiss cheese.

The Caliente Burger

Sauteed jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and our special chipotle mayo.

The Jerked Chicken Burger

Spicy jerked seasoned and grilled onions seasoned with an orange zest and topped with monterrey jack cheese.

The Long Shoreman Burger

Salmon burger with tartar sauce, capers, muenster cheese, fresh avocado, seasoned fried tomato.

The Pedro Burger

Crispy applewood bacon, smoked gouda cheese, fresh avocado with a seasoned tomato.

The Greek Goddess Burger

A chicken burger Greek seasoned and topped with grilled onions topped with feta cheese and smoked applewood bacon.

The Brunch Burger

Crispy bacon, fried egg, with a seasoned tomato and cheddar cheese.

The Paradise Burger

Sweet pineapple, crispy bacon, Swiss cheese with tangy teriyaki sauce.

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