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Cafe Ole

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147 N 3rd St (NaN mi)
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7:30 AM-3:00 PM
7:30 AM-3:00 PM
7:30 AM-3:00 PM
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Standard Shakshuka

3 eggs in sauce.

Moroccan Shakshuka

3 eggs, grilled chicken, and olives in sauce.

Vegan Shakshuka

Tofu in sauce.

Vegetable Shakshuka

Spinach, chickpeas, potato, and mushrooms in sauce.

Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled chicken served with guacamole, fresh salsa, and sour cream.


Banana, strawberries, and Nutella served with fresh whipped cream.

Croissant French Toast

Stuffed with banana.


Served with fresh fruit.

French Toast

Served with fresh fruit.

Pesto Omelette

Pesto, olives, fresh mozzarella, and tomato.

Salsa Omelette

Brie, salsa, and basil.

Goat Cheese Omelette

Goat cheese, lox, and capers.

Lox Plate

Cucumber, tomato, onion, capers, bagel, and cream cheese.

White Fish Plate

Cucumber, tomato, onion, capers, bagel, and cream.

Breakfast Wrap

Egg and cheese. Includes two toppings.

Bagel Sandwich

Egg and cheese.

Croissant Sandwich

Egg and cheese.


Served with Israeli salad and roll.

Lox on Bagel

Tomato cucumber, onion and cream cheese.

White Fish Salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion cream cheese.

Salads & Soup

Chef Salad

Spring mix, Israeli salad, Turkey, Swiss cheese, and olives.

Vegetarian Salad

Spring mix, Israeli salad, chick pea salad, potatoes, olives, and grape leaves.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast.

Nicoise Salad

Spring mix, tuna, Israeli salad, potatoes, olives, egg, and pickles.

Greek Salad

Spring mix, Israeli salad, feta, black olives, and grape leaves.

Mediterranean Platter

Homemade hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, grape leaves, feta cheese, and olives served with two pita.

Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach, walnuts, dried cranberries, prunes, apricots, goat cheese, and homemade pesto dressing.

Homemade Chicken Salad

Served with walnuts, cranberries, and apples.

Small Hummus Salad

Homemade hummus with chickpea salad.


Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich

Tomato, basil, roasted peppers, olives, and pesto.

Chicken Mozzarella Sandwich

Pesto, salsa, roasted pepper, and tomato.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Tuna, mayo, celery, Israeli pickles, and olives.

Nicoise Sandwich

Tuna, tomato, mayo, olives, pickles, salsa, roasted pepper, and egg.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Onion, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

European Style Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Feta, muenster, garlic spread, tomato, olives, spinach, and mushrooms.

Goat Cheese Sandwich

Pumpkin seed bread, zatar, tomato, and basil.

Brie Sandwich

Dried cranberries and apples on raisin bread.

Chicken Wrap Sandwich

Pesto mayo, lettuce, black olives, tomato, feta, and onion.

Vegan Wrap Sandwich

Hummus, chick peas, spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers, tofu, red onions, and eggplant with tahini.

Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich

Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, mustard, and mayo.


Assorted Bottled Drinks


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